New energy automotive industry will accelerate development

- Jan 11, 2017-

During the two sessions, Jiu San Society's "on promoting China's economic and social development of low-carbon proposal" has been the National Development and Reform Commission's high degree of identity, was listed as the current session of the CPPCC "on the 1st proposal." Although the "low-carbon economic guidance" is not scheduled before the two sessions, but from the two came a clear signal is: China will vigorously develop new energy automotive industry.

Will introduce policies to stimulate industrial development

New energy vehicles from the lower emissions, energy-saving environmental point of view, can be described as the vanguard of low-carbon industry, and thus become the focus of the two topics of the most talked about one. On behalf of members of the "new energy vehicles, private subsidies policy to increase the state of new energy vehicles R & D investment and related technical standards as soon as possible" offer advice and suggestions.

China Information Center, said Xu Changming, director of information development, the two countries after the introduction of new energy for some of the policies will further stimulate the development of new energy vehicles. It is understood that the National Development and Reform Commission is currently drafting low-carbon economic guidance, will define the concept of low-carbon economy, planning the development of China's low-carbon economy. The guidance will be selected nationwide about 10 cities to promote low-carbon economy pilot. This opinion is expected to be announced after the NPC and CPPCC National Committee.

Cui Dongshu, deputy secretary general of the National Passenger Car Association, said that low-carbon economy is a big concept, with electric cars, small cars, including rural areas to improve diesel vehicles have a direct link. The development of new energy vehicles for China's development of low-carbon economy is very important.

At the meeting, the automobile industry's NPC deputies and CPPCC members have made suggestions for the development of China's automobile industry, in which the quality of the car, low-carbon, new energy, the development of China's auto brands such as "hot words" in the motion. On behalf of members of the recommendations are mainly concentrated in the "new energy vehicles, private subsidy policy, increase the state of new energy vehicles R & D investment and related technical standards as soon as possible" and so on.

Calling for the introduction of new energy vehicles standards

In addition to subsidies for new energy vehicles, the new energy vehicles, the relevant standards are also representatives of the NPC and CPPCC members of this concern.

National People's Congress, Wanxiang Group Chairman Lu Guanqiu proposed "on the development of new energy vehicles, the national standard proposal." The main content is: First, the relevant state ministries and commissions led by the establishment of the national new energy vehicles standard system committee, to develop a sound standard of new energy vehicles. Second, the key parts and components technology is the key to the development of new energy vehicles, the development of new energy vehicle standards is the key components of the first standard-setting, as soon as possible to determine the key industry standards unified components. Third, lithium-powered battery as the basis, focusing on promoting lithium-ion electric vehicle related industry standard-setting. Fourth, we must strengthen the developed countries with new energy automotive industry standards, to develop a common international standard of new energy vehicles standard system.

New energy vehicles related to technical experts pointed out that this year's Toyota production of hybrid cars will be about 1 million, while China's lithium iron phosphate batteries have not yet large-scale hybrid vehicles, which has shown that China's development of new energy vehicles With a wide gap between foreign countries.

To this end, the National People's Congress, Guangzhou Automobile Chairman Zeng Qinghong in two sessions on the motion is: the use of state subsidies to encourage policies and technical standards combined with a combination of low-level hybrid from the start, through the increasing fuel-saving mandatory technology Standards and constantly changing state subsidies to encourage the combination of policies to accelerate China's technological progress and the speed of new energy vehicles to promote.

Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry during the two sessions, said the individual purchase of new energy vehicles will purchase subsidies

Currently on the market of new energy vehicles

There are two main

● Hybrid cars

These models are now relatively mature, as long as the relevant government departments to give some financial support to help enterprises reduce production costs, they can promote open to

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and electric vehicles