New Energy International Union was established

- Jan 11, 2017-

Recently, by the Foton Motor, IBM and other six Chinese and foreign enterprises composed of "Sustainable New Energy International Union" was established in Beijing. This is just 30 days, China's third on the establishment of the "new energy vehicles," the Union. Earlier, by the SASAC and industry associations led the organization of electric car alliance has inaugurated.

Li Sheng-mao, senior adviser at the investment adviser, pointed out that, with the first two to achieve technology-sharing alliance is different, "Sustainable New Energy International Union" is a vertical alliance, in its new energy automotive industry chain is only one of every link Enterprises to participate in them. However, "the new energy automotive industry enterprises through the formation of industrial alliances approach to achieve Baotuan development, has become the domestic new energy automotive industry a consensus.

Vertical Alliances Future development or limited

"International Union" is the first to break the geographical limitations of the new energy automotive alliance. If you carefully study the alliance members of the "core business" will be found, and previously established two coalition is different from the "League of Nations" is a vertically integrated alliances, the relevant members of the business of basic coverage to the new energy automotive industry Every link in the chain, and the business scope of the alliance member enterprises is less overlap. According to the division of labor within the Union, it can be very intuitive to see that the structure of the Union model, such as Foton Motor is responsible for vehicle research and development, CITIC Guoan solid profit is responsible for providing lithium-ion battery, ocean motor is responsible for research and development traction motor and motor control systems.

The first two main objectives of the establishment of the Alliance, on the one hand is focused on the development of new energy resources, automotive industry, on the other hand the goal is to "give the country the power to create a standardized technology platform", "technical standards, benefit sharing, capital level The formation of higher than the market division of the relationship of cooperation, "executive vice president of China Engineering Society and the Secretary-General Fu Wu said.

While the members of the "International Union" is more between a business relationship. Li Sheng-mao said that as the new energy automotive industry chain related links on the basic only one member of the business alliance can be covered, so the technical reference between the members of the poor, the alliance is actually in a business or The state alone, this alliance is more like a business between the joint business. And from a deeper level of alliance membership, the investment adviser director Zhang Yanlin analysis, the establishment of the "International League" is the Foton Motor as the core, which is limiting the Union to play a greater role in the future of a factor. On the one hand, Fukuda car in the field of new energy vehicles main passenger cars, and the industrialization of new energy vehicles, the market is certainly the largest car, so Fukuda car future if not a breakthrough in the field of new energy cars, then the alliance will play the role of Very limited. In addition, although the Foton Motor Group in Beijing Automotive Group to maintain its independence in the business, but under the Beijing Automotive Group, so the future of the alliance may also be affected by the Beijing Automotive Group related strategies.


"Union" and the era

"International Union for Sustainable New Energy" to participate in the enterprise, including domestic Foton Motor, Ocean Electric, CITIC Guoan solid profit, and IBM, A ECO M and Eaton and other three foreign-funded enterprises. According to the Union division of labor, Futian Automobile will be responsible for the future of new energy vehicle design and production, IBM is responsible for the integration of smart grid, CITIC Guoan solid profit is responsible for providing lithium batteries.


Prior to this, by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the SASAC were led to set up the "T 10 Electric Vehicle Alliance" and "central enterprises electric car industry alliance" have also been established, and Beijing, Anhui and other provinces have set up their new Energy Industry Alliance. Now in the industry dubbed the "national team", "local team" and "industry team" alliance, but also broke the geographical boundaries of the "international team."

"Now the relevant domestic and foreign enterprises have a unified understanding of the development of new energy vehicles to take the road of joint." Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General Association of Automobile Dealers said, "These are the commonalities of resources and results sharing. At the same time also pointed out that the central enterprises alliance in the administrative and legal binding more industry alliance confined to car between the enterprise information and technology exchange, and international alliance is more to the interests of the core, after all, foreign enterprises value is China 's market potential.