New energy vehicles into the 1st document was focused on deployment

- Feb 12, 2017-

As a strategic emerging industries, China's new energy vehicles in all aspects of national support, in the "second Five-Year" period by the rapid development of new energy vehicles to help us walk in the forefront of the world. 2017, the beginning of New Year, the new energy vehicles as the National Development and Reform Commission Notice No. 1, "Strategic Emerging Industries focus on products and services directory" 2016 Edition (hereinafter referred to as "the directory") in the focus of the content is deployed, "13" , New energy vehicles, the strategic status of emerging industries will once again be strengthened.

Development and Reform Commission and enlarge the move! New energy vehicles into the 1st document was focused on deployment

As early as 2014, President Xi Jinping in the SAIC study stressed that "the development of new energy vehicles is a big country from the car to the automotive power the only way"; 2015, the new energy vehicles into the "Made in China 2025" and clear strategic objectives. In the same year, President Xi Jinping at the Paris climate conference on behalf of China's emission reduction commitments are reflected in the "thirteen" plan and specific action plan. "New energy vehicles as a national strategy, the development of the industry itself has an important role in promoting." Xu Yanhua, Deputy Secretary-General in the steam that is incorporated into the national strategy, the new energy vehicles in the national policy and other parties support To rapid development. As the "thirteen" plan an important strategy, new energy vehicles will also be in the "thirteen five" transition period to an important stage of market development. At the same time, with the strategic industry is focused on the development of new energy vehicles will also be China's auto industry opportunities.

2016 version of the "directory" identified five major areas of 8 industries, and further refined to 40 under the direction of the direction of 174 sub-direction, nearly 4000 breakdown of products and services. New energy vehicles as an important one in eight industries, involving new energy automotive products, charging, switching and hydrogenation facilities and production test equipment three key directions, and divided into 14 sub-direction. Compared to the 2013 version of the "directory", only proposed pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles in one direction are very different.

2013 "directory" more in the concept of the scope of the definition of the provisions of the electric car top speed, driving range, battery energy density, life and other specific issues, and these concepts are defined, it now appears to have been far Can not keep up with the development of new energy vehicles. Therefore, the 2016 version of the "directory" is broader, delineation of the vehicle, motor, battery and other key directions of the scope, without more limited technical issues, to the development of the industry to a broader space for development.

As China's new energy automotive industry development, market expansion, the emergence of many new technologies, "directory" as a guiding service guide, clear the direction of industrial development, rather than limited to specific technical development path to the industry, market development Space, the development of the industry has a stronger guiding role.

It is noteworthy that the 2016 version of "directory" of new energy vehicles, electrical accessories, fuel cells, charging and hydrogenation and other infrastructure to give more attention, but also an additional production equipment, including batteries, motors, special Production and test equipment production are covered, covering the entire chain of new energy vehicles, and not limited to vehicles and charging infrastructure and other fields.