New energy vehicles, more than the size of the lack of subsidies to fade out foreign technology will counterattack

- Jan 21, 2017-

2016, known as the first year of the outbreak of new energy vehicles in China. Data show that last year the output of new energy vehicles reached 517,000, two consecutive years of production and sales in the world. In the same year, a number of Chinese car prices into the global top ten new energy passenger cars.

However, large-scale production and sales, does not mean competitive. In the recent meeting of the 100 electric vehicles, the Chinese electric car hundred will chairman Chen Qingtai said that government subsidies can be expected to fade when the car is a large-scale foreign investment and joint venture brands to enter the Chinese market on the date. The current competition among domestic enterprises is only a prelude to the international competition comes when the real test.

Prior to this, the need car prices and government co-operation. BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu on the financial support policy put forward two proposals: First, purchase tax relief, and second, consumption tax support. He believes that the current situation, only the national policy support launched, send a way to be able to make new energy vehicles more healthy.

In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei said that China's new energy automotive industry is still in its infancy, there are still excess capacity, illegal compensation and other issues. This year, the state will strengthen capacity regulation, the organization of special inspectors to help new energy vehicles continue to improve the policy system, production of new energy vehicles to become the development of technology to enhance the quality of the year.

China's new energy vehicles to take the progress of joint venture car prices will soon be fully developed to catch up

"Subsidies" is undoubtedly the new energy vehicles in 2016 the industry's key words. In order to get subsidies, many companies violate business ethics, illegal compensation. In this regard, Miao Wei pointed out: "China 's new energy automotive industry is still in its infancy, there is excess capacity, low level of technology, business fraud and other issues.

2017, the state subsidies for new energy vehicles, the rate of 20% of the retreat slope, coupled with the local subsidies corresponding to the slope, the total subsidy of new energy vehicles may even fall to 40%. Which will make the car a little smaller business survival usher in the exam. The government is precisely through the "pressure" forcing enterprise technology and technological innovation, reduce costs.

In this regard, the implementation of China's electric car 100 will be vice president of Ouyang Ming Gao told reporters that compared to hybrid and plug-in hybrid fuel cell, China's new energy vehicles are more suitable for pure electric line.

Ouyang Minggao that the pure electric line for China's new energy vehicle industry is based. On the one hand hybrid technology by the Japanese Toyota took the lead, China has no advantage in this regard. So the first development of pure electric can be said to "turn overtaking" the only opportunity; the other hand, the development of pure electric drive the development of China's battery industry.

In fact, with the intensification of domestic pollution in recent years, the development of pure electric vehicles is becoming urgent. The National Energy Board, deputy director of Zheng grid Jie said at the forum to address the haze mainly rely on energy restructuring and clean energy alternative to accelerate the application of new energy vehicles is one of the important part.