New Energy Vehicles Test Water Expo green energy - saving trend

- Jan 11, 2017-

BYD's new energy vehicles in the country's leading. Wu Jing-sheng admitted that in 2003 BYD decided to enter the automotive industry, the goal is to electric vehicles. Today, the Expo area has become a test field of new energy vehicles, and BYD's products have officially entered the market. He said that the new energy vehicles will be the future trend of traffic.

Although there are already in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other new energy vehicle pilot, but to occupy a seat in the market, not imagined so simple. "The popularity of new energy vehicles need the cooperation of all sectors of society, the public to form a new understanding of the energy, the government should support the industrialization of electric vehicles, business technology research and development." At present, BYD limelight new energy vehicles F3DM has been listed , E6 electric taxi officially took to the streets of Shenzhen. But it is undeniable, charging stations and other social supporting system yet to be improved, which is restricting the promotion of electric vehicles a major weakness.

"At present, the new energy in the field of public transport will be closer to the actual development of the bus carbon emissions are more than ten times the ordinary car, and the number is controlled by the government in a certain area of the city to build charging stations will be compared Good to achieve. "Wu Jingsheng said BYD has now developed an electric bus, is expected to be put into the market next year.

It is understood that 40% of the world's oil consumption by cars, China's oil resources accounted for 3% of the world's total consumption of 11%, China's auto industry is still about 20% of the rate of growth. The greenhouse effect caused by excessive carbon dioxide emissions, the data show that 25% of carbon dioxide emissions from the car. In this situation, who mastered a mature new energy technologies, who will be able to grasp the high ground in the future competition. BYD's electric car just in line with the green manufacturing concept.

He suggested that the future government in the construction of charging stations can be divided into two kinds, one is a fast charging station, suitable for public transportation system, ready to charge. While the other is for ordinary electric vehicles, take longer, more full charge.