New energy vehicles to subsidize the country 's highest speed up the charging network layout

- Jan 11, 2017-

In the energy-saving emission reduction, adjustment of industrial structure under the big idea, five new energy vehicle demonstration and extension pilot cities are accelerating the pace of building electric vehicle charging network. As the first among the private purchase of new energy vehicles subsidy pilot list and the highest amount of subsidies to the city of Hangzhou, every move a cause for concern.

Reporter was informed that "Hangzhou electric car charging station near the building layout planning" has been compiled recently, in 2012, Hangzhou plans to build a centralized charging station 4, charge (for) power station 38, charging pile 3500 sets, in order to achieve 2012 The end of 20,000 private cars with new energy goals.

Currently Wanxiang Group, Hangzhou Heng Electric and other local enterprises have been actively involved in the construction of charging network.

Listed companies to participate in the charging station core construction

It is understood that in Hangzhou, increase the construction of the charging network in the process, Hangzhou local enterprises such as constant electrical, Wanxiang Group and many other companies involved in the preparatory work.

Constant electrical has been involved in the design of the charger, it is learned that the charger as a direct charging device, charging station is the core. BOCI report shows that the constant in the field of electrical charger has first-mover advantage, the technical aspects of fast and Otter.

As a listed company, the constant electrical staff yesterday told reporters that the company will participate in the future of the charging station project as a whole building. Compared with the charging pile, charging station development and design technology threshold is higher. It is reported that a charging station consists of at least ten charging pile, and a service personnel to provide battery replacement, equipment maintenance and other services, the equivalent of gas stations.

New energy vehicles to subsidize the highest

In accordance with the purchase of new energy vehicles in Hangzhou private subsidy pilot of the target, the end of 2012 to achieve private purchase of new energy vehicles 20,000. It is reported that in order to achieve the goal of 20,000 vehicles, Hangzhou recently announced the "Hangzhou private purchase of new energy vehicles subsidy pilot implementation plan," the highest cumulative amount of bicycles up to 63,000 yuan subsidy, plus the central government subsidies of 1.2 billion, New energy cycling subsidies 12.3 million new high. According to statistics, Hangzhou is currently less than 400 new energy vehicles, mainly public transport and other public services vehicles.


Increase the charging network layout

In the outside world worried about the difficulty of charging will affect the development of electric vehicles, Hangzhou chose to speed up the charging network construction solutions. It is reported that Hangzhou City Planning Bureau has completed the "Hangzhou electric vehicle charging station near the building layout planning" work. Future plans to do in the radius of 1 km range, new energy vehicles can find a quick energy supplement point, and even electric car owners can also be delivered at home in the battery. To this end, Hangzhou has developed a magnificent charging network construction plan, by the end of 2012, Hangzhou plans to build a centralized charging station 4, charge (for) power station 38, distribution center 145, charging pile 3500 sets.

Hangzhou plans this year in the urban area, the construction of a large-scale power station, five small and medium charging stations, 50-100 battery replacement service outlets, 130 charging pile, respectively, in Gucui Road, Xixi, Binjiang, Qianjiang New City , West Lake, West Lake North. Hangzhou is expected to be built next year, 25-30 seat charge (for) power station to meet the 20,000 electric vehicle-scale power supply needs.

At present, the first full-featured electric vehicle charging station has been built and put into use in Hangzhou Gu Cui Road. Gu Cui Road charging station can provide two kinds of energy supply modes of "charging" and "changing power" to electric vehicles. There are 4 sets of 24-kilowatt vehicle DC charger, 25 AC charging piles, and 2.4 kilowatt battery module charger , The highest service capacity of up to 500 electric vehicles.