New method for preparing high performance lithium-ion battery electrodes

- Nov 02, 2016-

Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide, also known as NMC, is seen as a preparation much merits to use lithium-ion batteries lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles in particular one of the most prospective information, but for years scientists have been in progress for the battery capacity and make unremitting efforts. Recently, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers to explore a new approach to preparation of NMC, could significantly advance lithium-ion battery function.

A battery by Berkeley Laboratory scientist Professor Marca Doeff, who led the research team, with the Brookhaven National Laboratory, National Accelerator Laboratory equipment of the SLAC researchers collaborate, briefly called spray pyrolysis approach encountered during preparation can overcome the NMC by the appearance of response function degradation caused by doubts.

"We with this approach preparation out has practices information, function than expected better many," now has research NMC negative information seven years of more of Doeff professor said, "we himself cannot explained see of scene, practices of information characterization means also cannot to out mechanism aspects of assist, so we and SLAC and the Brookhaven of people collaboration, with more leading of imaging skills, sent now particles of appearance nickel of content than less, then improved has function, due to with nickel content of increased, appearance response on more strongly.