Nickel high-nickel materials will usher in a good nickel prices will rise

- Jan 13, 2017-

Recently, Dong Mingzhu invested 1 billion, bet on all the family shares Zhuhai Yinlong attachment once again shocked the people. She stressed that "Yinlong investment, not because the Gree acquisition is unsuccessful, but because I am optimistic about the Silver Long lithium titanate technology.

Dong Pearl so focused lithium titanate battery technology despite the fast charge, long life, high security and wide operating temperature range and other advantages, but the industry still think it is not suitable for repairer.

Peking University, director of the new energy materials and technology laboratory, the national "Eleventh Five-Year" 863 electric vehicle power lithium battery project leader Lu said in an interview: "lithium titanate battery is not advanced technology, low energy density, discomfort Cooperative power energy.

Data show that in the new energy bus, the lithium titanate market share of about 5%, far less than 75% of iron phosphate lithium battery market share; in the field of passenger cars, lithium titanate batteries and other Minority technology together, sharing 3% of the market space.

Lithium titanate as an anode material, the market share is very small. However, with the rapid increase in market demand for power batteries, the industry's performance of the battery materials have also put forward higher requirements, the mainstream of graphite anode materials in the energy density and mileage are equally difficult to achieve the development of electric passenger car demand, urgent The Innovation of New Type Negative Electrode Material.

Negative material industry "Matthew effect" further highlighted

"13th Five-Year Plan" deepened the strategic position of new energy vehicles, industry policy favorable frequency, the growth of new energy vehicles, power batteries become a new growth point. As a lithium battery cathode material composed of four materials, lithium battery industry in the middle part of the core, in improving the capacity of the battery and cycle performance has played an important role. In the new energy automotive industry background, the domestic lithium battery anode material production growth is rapid, market share continues to increase.

According to research reports show that in 2011, the global total cathode material shipments of 110,800 tons, an increase of 29.59%; of which domestic cathode material production 72,800 tons, an increase of 41.1%, accounting for up to 66%. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of production technology in China, China is the main raw material of anode materials, lithium negative industry continue to transfer to China, the market share continues to increase.

Industry experts said that the anode material is more mature, the localization rate is high, the production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Japan and China. While the domestic market is dominated by a negative material, forming a pattern of oligopoly, the strong Hengqiang "Matthew effect" increasingly obvious.

It is understood that in 2015 Bethe and Shanshangufen two giants "occupy" the domestic market of about 60% of the market share of artificial graphite top five companies up to 70% market share. In order to further consolidate the status of the industry, leading enterprises of negative materials Bei Terui also continue to expand production capacity.

Beite Rui recent announcement, to be Jintan Hua Luogeng Technology Industrial Park Management Committee signed a cooperation agreement, plans to invest 5.2 billion yuan in fixed assets, including high-performance anode materials project to meet the company's future high-performance lithium-ion battery materials, production capacity needs.