Phone bid farewell to a day and a charger! In China, two-ion batteries

- Nov 02, 2016-

Future cell phones could be the frivolous by half again, you won't need to recharge every day. High battery cost and battery life even a short journey of questions will also address, as founding new dual Ionic battery technology in the world is born in Shenzhen.

According to science and technology daily reported that on March 29, beat Shenzhen Academy of Tang Yongbing, CAs researchers from Germany was informed that their results announced at the world's leading journals of the first dynamic materials, Germany Science Network reported that the technology of existing lithium battery industry will be seriously affected.

Higher manufacturing costs now use lithium-ion batteries, batteries discarded will constitute a serious environmental questions, in particular the new electric vehicle batteries are cost and challenges of life journey.

Tang Yongbing team clearly a new aluminum-graphite high energy density dual-ion battery technology, able to produce new high efficiency, low cost battery for energy storage. This new battery put traditional lithium ion battery of plus or minus very for has adjustment, with cheap and easy have of graphite alternative now has bulk application Yu lithium ion battery of cobalt acid lithium, and manganese acid lithium, and ternary or phosphate iron lithium as battery of cathode material; selection foil together as battery negative material and negative set fluid; electrolytic liquid by General lithium salt and carbonate ester class organic solvent constitute.

The battery works is different from traditional lithium-ion batteries, the charging process, anion intercalated reaction on the electrode graphite and aluminum-anode reaction of aluminum-lithium alloy, the discharge process is the opposite. The new mechanism not only significantly improve the working voltage of the battery (3.8-4.6V), fell sharply with the quality, volume and battery manufacturing cost, then upgrade all the energy density of batteries.