Pilot cities to 25 full-field layout of new energy vehicles

- Jan 11, 2017-

Ministry of Science and Technology Vice Minister Zhang Laiwu 16th at the State Council Information Office press conference that the Ministry of Science and the relevant departments will work together to promote energy conservation and emission reduction work. In introducing our country to rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial restructuring, and promote energy saving and emission reduction work, Zhang Laiwu, said the specific approach, including the implementation of 16 major projects, in some key cutting-edge technologies and major technologies to speed up the solution, Strategic development of new industries.

New energy vehicles "ten years grinding sword"

Zhang Laiwu said that the strategic emerging industries in response to the international financial crisis, the international scope of the formation of a new starting point. China's new energy vehicles as one of the seven strategic new industries to be promoted is inevitable. "863" plan started this project a decade ago, China's energy-saving and new energy vehicles have formed a hybrid, pure electric, fuel cell vehicles, as well as power systems and power batteries, motor, battery control system as the core Technology, known as the "three vertical and three horizontal" matrix of the industrialization of the layout.

Zhang pointed out that as early as in 2009 to deal with the international financial crisis, we are very timely and the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry jointly launched the implementation of energy-saving and new energy vehicles to promote the demonstration application projects in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and other 13 cities The first to carry out pilot work. Mainly from the public transport, rental, highway, sanitation and postal and other public areas to promote the use of the first, the effect is very good.

"We intend to expand the pilot from 13 cities to 25 cities, and subsidies in the field of public services, the subsidy policy gradually pushed to the field of private purchase, which is in line with international norms.We will promote the strategic emerging industries In the international level of competition and development. "Zhang Laiwu said.

Science and technology for development will be the whole area layout

Zhang Laiwu said that the Ministry of Science and Technology attaches great importance to the use of high-tech to transform traditional industries, including the steel industry, more attention to traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, urban and rural integrated way, which must rely on scientific and technological progress, the use of modern agriculture, And other technologies to transform the traditional agriculture and so on.

Zhang said that the Ministry of Science and Technology attaches great importance to the application of technology and knowledge in the service sector, especially the new generation of information technology, and so on, in a specific approach will have a series of layout, reflected in the "second five" plan.

R & D funding for science and technology emission reduction over 10 billion

Zhang said, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the National Science and Technology Program accumulated energy-saving emission reduction R & D projects more than 10 billion yuan for the national economic unit GDP energy consumption and the reduction of major pollutants provided a strong support. Help China to seize the characteristics of a low-carbon frontier technology commanding heights, capture renewable energy and efficient use of fossil fuels clean technical difficulties.

According to reports, China's coal combustion, coal gasification, coal liquefaction, solar cells, solar hydrogen, bio-catalytic conversion has made a number of basic research results. Such as the establishment of the world's first 500-watt fuel-sensitized solar cell demonstration system, 1.5-megawatt direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine research and development success and industrialization, and built the world's largest coal-fired power plant carbon dioxide capture project, the world's first Sets an annual output of 600,000 tons of coal-to-olefins industrial plant is also about to be completed.

In addition, Zhang said the country to actively promote energy-saving emission reduction new technologies in the steel, electricity, building materials, chemicals, agriculture and other key areas of the promotion and application of traditional industries to enhance the competitiveness. Such as a new generation of recyclable steel process technology breakthrough in a number of domestic iron and steel enterprises to achieve industrial applications, relying on Caofeidian project to establish a clean steel production platform to achieve the optimal combination of converter functions, each line saves an average of 500,000 tons of standard coal . Supercritical power generation technology Coal-fired power plants installed capacity of 08 million kilowatts. Clean salt production process to achieve 10,000 tons of engineering demonstration, after the promotion of more than 30% will achieve cleaner production, field drip irrigation system, drip irrigation than foreign investment 50%, 50% less than conventional drip irrigation, fertilizer 20% 20%, the application area has reached more than 500 million mu.