Pingsha get the eighth new energy vehicle production qualification

- Jan 13, 2017-

January 10, 2017, when the second haze of the New Year visit the Royal Park again when the Development and Reform Commission issued a notice formally approved the Chongqing Jin Kang New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. annual output of 50,000 electric passenger car construction projects, which means that Well-being of Chongqing Jin Kang New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. to become the new energy after the Beijing Automotive, Wulong Electric's Cheung Kong EV, the Great Wall of the future of its Arima, Chery New Energy, Jiangsu Min An electric car, Wanxiang Group, JMC new energy, The eighth to get independent innovation of automobile production qualification of the enterprise, but also following the Beijing Auto New Energy, Chery new energy and JMC new energy after the fourth home of the traditional automobile enterprises to get independent production qualification of enterprises, is the traditional auto companies across Sector into the field of new energy approved the first.

Prior to the December 20, 2016, well-off shares of rare history of ten consecutive announcements, mainly related to the sale of non-core business subsidiary and the issue of A shares of the motion, etc., aims to raise funds quickly to 4 billion for the forthcoming Of the new energy passenger car business in China and the United States landed to raise funds.

"Auto M & A" and "smart new energy vehicles," the relevant announcement that, "on the well-off Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Chongqing non-public offering of A shares in line with the conditions of the motion", "on the investment pure electric. Smart Vehicle Development Project The announcement "," well-off sale of wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing well-off auto parts Co., Ltd. 100% equity to wholly owned subsidiary of Chongqing Ruichi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. Bulletin "Dengjun December 19, 2016 held the second The fifteenth meeting of the Board of Directors examined and adopted.

Announcement shows that the well-off shares "committed to the development of new energy vehicles, production and sales, to solve pure electric transport program, and strive to build China's leading brand of pure electric vehicles," since June 2016 listed, the company has released "pure investment Electric passenger car construction project, the appointment of Tesla electric car founder and former CEO Martin. Eberhard as the company's new energy vehicle consultant "and other related announcements, well-off shares to be raised through the non-public offering of A shares The total amount of funds not more than 3.96 billion yuan (including the issue of costs), after deducting the issue costs, the proceeds will be used in China to build "Jinkang new energy with an annual output of 50,000 pure electric passenger car construction projects" and the new Automotive Co., Ltd. (SFMotors) of the "pure electric. Intelligent Vehicle Development Project" two projects. The two projects will need financing of 6.559 billion yuan, in addition to non-public offering of A shares to raise funds 39.6, the remaining 2.59 billion will be through the remaining funds the company will be through its own funds, bank loans or debt financing solutions.

China's "Jinkang new energy with an annual output of 50,000 electric passenger car construction project" requires a total investment of 2,252,500,000, plans to use this issue of A shares to raise funds in the 2 billion, the remaining funds through its own funds, banks Loans or debt financing and other means to solve. Well-off is expected, the project is completed and all put into production, is expected to achieve annual revenue of about 8.357 billion yuan, annual net profit of about 237 million yuan, after-tax total investment rate of return 12.85%, after-tax static investment recovery period of 8 years. Well-off new energy plan in June 2017 started construction.