Power battery specification conditions recently announced production capacity threshold will be lowered

- Jan 21, 2017-

The last week before the Spring Festival, "Weekly News", OFweek lithium battery here in advance to wish everyone a Happy New Year! This week, Li Dianchao Wen point to see a lot of Ningde times to start high-energy density battery project, ZTE can launch the industry's highest energy density lithium iron phosphate battery, there are people concerned about the "normative conditions" (draft) Capacity requirements "or will be lowered, and the official version will also be announced recently, take a look at it!

Comprehensive articles:

1. Lithium-powered copper foil supply shortage continued to surge in cobalt prices in January

Copper foil is an important raw material for lithium batteries, lithium copper foil in China in 2016, the actual production capacity of about 36,000 tons / year, by the end of 2016 by the technical capacity to achieve the annual cap of about 40,000 tons / year, and the market for lithium The actual demand for copper foil or will reach 50,000 tons. The market demand for lithium copper foil is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of over 20%, especially in the field of power batteries, lithium copper foil annual growth rate is expected to exceed 50%.

Industry experts predict that 2017-2018 lithium foil will continue to maintain the situation in short supply, until the 2019 lithium-copper enterprises to complete a new round of capacity expansion, the supply situation or from shortage to surplus.

In addition, the data show that in January the domestic small metal plate cobalt ingot performance eye-catching, all the way up. As of 16, the domestic market price of cobalt 289,666.66 yuan / ton, compared with the beginning of the market offer 270833.34 yuan / ton, rose 6.95%. November cobalt prices rose since the market started, has soared 36.42%.

2. Ningde era 300Wh / kg battery energy density project started

Recently, "a new generation of lithium-ion battery industry technology development" project started in Ningde. This project by the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department to promote the focus of Ningde times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics and other units jointly declared. The purpose of the project is to develop high-nickel ternary materials for the cathode, silicon-carbon composite cathode for the lithium-ion battery, the lithium-ion battery power from the current 150 ~ 180Wh / kg significantly increased to 300Wh / kg or more, Significantly reduce the cost of power batteries.

According to the plan, the project will be industrial applications in 2020, when the development of high specific energy battery, electric vehicle mileage will be doubled to 450 to 500 km.

3. China's mobile phone lithium-ion battery will be a new standard

According to reports, as the original national standard mobile phone batteries can not adapt to the development of the industry now, resulting in some poor quality products appear in the market, which to some extent, harm the interests of consumers. In order to ensure the healthy development of China's lithium-ion battery industry, the state authorities last year, commissioned by Aucma company presided over the revision of national standards for lithium-ion batteries, the current revision work is nearing completion, and will soon be introduced.

At present, the domestic mobile phone battery manufacturers more than 200, many of them hand-workshop-style small factory. Industry sources, which means that China's lithium-ion battery industry will face a reshuffle.

4. Zhongxing faction can launch 175Wh / kg soft iron phosphate lithium battery

Recently, the Shanghai Zhongxing faction to 50Ah soft pack lithium iron phosphate battery has passed strong inspection test, the energy density of 175Wh / kg, becoming the industry's highest energy density lithium iron phosphate power battery.

With the 2017 countries to adjust the standard of subsidies for new energy vehicles, passenger cars, bus subsidies are directly linked with the energy density of the battery system, the energy density of different subsidies vary greatly. According to reports, with the ZTE lithium iron phosphate battery production system that can achieve the highest national subsidy standards.

5. Power battery industry specifications production capacity requirements or will be adjusted

Recently, the media reported that more than a month before the Ministry of Industry issued the "automotive power battery industry conditions") (draft) compared to the annual production capacity of lithium-ion battery business threshold from 80 million watts down to 30 Billion watts to 5 billion watts range.

According to the National 863 electric vehicle major special power battery test center director Wang Dong said that 30 billion to 50 million watt hour range is not accurate, wait until the official document will give you a surprise surprise, will be toward the industry, companies looking forward to the direction, but Absolutely not 3 billion watts to 500 million watt range of such a request. In addition, he expects the "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" (2017) will be released in the near future. Capital articles:

6. Sand Group to invest 1 billion to build the largest domestic waste battery recycling project

January 16, 2017 morning, Sander Group Co., Ltd. Vice President Hu Zelin on behalf of the Group and the Ningxiang County Government signed the largest domestic waste battery resource projects.

The contract of waste battery resource project plans to invest 10 billion yuan, covering 200 acres, mainly for the construction of waste batteries and production of 100,000 tons of waste materials, with an annual output of 30,000 tons of cathode material industrial base. Project to be started in the first half of 2017 construction, commissioning equipment in the first half of 2018 and officially put into operation, is expected to output value of not less than 3.0 billion.

Editor 's view, the signing of the promotion of waste battery resources and even the entire new energy automotive industry, the rapid and healthy development of great significance.

7. Yanwangda plans to increase by 3.246 billion yuan overweight lithium battery business

Yanwangda January 16 evening scheduled to increase plans, intended to not exceed five specific investors, non-public offering does not exceed 300 million shares, fund-raising does not exceed 3.246 billion yuan for "consumer lithium battery module Expansion project "," power class lithium battery production line construction project "and" supplementary working capital. "

8. Camel shares: to be 1.2 billion investment in battery R & D pilot base

Camel shares on January 16 evening announcement, the company in January 13, 2017 and Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone in the future science and technology city construction office investment service center signed an investment agreement on the company in Wuhan East Lake new technology development zone investment 12000000 yuan implementation of "camel Group Wuhan R & D pilot base "project specific matters were agreed.

According to the announcement, the camel shares of the proposed investment in the construction of the "camel Wuhan R & D pilot base" project, mainly for lithium batteries, fuel cells and other advanced battery research, pilot. The project is to be implemented by Camel Group Wuhan Optical Valley R & D Center Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhan Donghu Hi-tech Industrial Zone in the future. The planned total investment is about RMB 1.2 billion from June 2017 to June 2021, Land acquisition of about 110 acres, planning and construction of scientific research area, (fuel cell, lithium battery) in the test area, e-commerce building, customer service center, supporting area, obtained in 6 months after construction, 18 months after construction The first phase of the project completed and put into production.

9. Ao Tejia to be 2.5 billion acquisition of the sea four of power

Ortega disclosed on January 17 reorganization plan, the company intends to price 2.5 billion acquisition of 100% stake in the sea four power supply, while the additional funds raised 1.55 billion yuan, mainly to invest in four power supply investment projects.

According to the plan, Aotejia to be 13.25 yuan / share price, to the sea four of the group, through the Internet and other 26 transactions each other about the issue of shares of about 189 million shares, to buy its holdings of 100% stake in the sea power. As of the assessment date of December 31, 2016, the four-power 100% stake in the estimated value of 2.51 billion yuan, the initial consideration of the transaction price of 2.5 billion. Among them, the listed company Tongdian interconnection of the four power supply ratio of 20.01%, the transaction price of about 450 million yuan (about 3398 million shares of fixed shares). Sea four groups such as performance commitment commitment, the sea four power 2017 to 2019 net profit of not less than 167 million, 200 million, 240 million yuan. Tongding Internet does not participate in performance commitments.

Ao Tejia said that the transaction is completed, the company will add new power lithium battery business. The transaction is the company from the overall automotive air-conditioning system supplier to the core of multi-category car parts and service providers integrated supply and sustainable transformation of the important strategic initiatives.

10. Linzhou heavy machine 2.2 billion investment to build 3 billion-watt lithium battery project

Linzhou heavy machine recently announced that the company intends to raise funds totaling 1.943 billion yuan and raised 531 million yuan to build an annual output of 3 billion watts of power lithium ion battery construction projects and the "Sat STAR Eye" constellation project.

Announcement shows that an annual output of 3 billion-watt power lithium-ion battery construction project a total investment of 2.208 billion yuan. The construction of the project will utilize the original three factory buildings, of which two plants will be transformed into workshop 1 and 2, and the other one will not be transformed into the material or finished product warehouse (excluding the investment estimate). Covers an area of 60,602 square meters, construction area of 12,1203 square meters. Purchase 1639 sets of related production equipment.

It is reported that the project completed and put into production, the production period of the first year to reach 60% of the total design capacity; the first two years of production of 80%, the first three years of production 100%, 100%. Production period to achieve the average annual sales income of 459428.57 million (excluding tax). The average profit of the operation period is 687,892,200 yuan.

11. Ganfeng Lithium 503 million investment project to build lithium carbonate 49 million US dollars acquisition of Lithium shares

January 17 evening, Ganfeng lithium notice, agreed to wholly-owned subsidiary Ningdu Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ningdu Gan Feng") to its own funds 503 million yuan investment in the construction of an annual output of 17,500 tons of batteries Grade lithium carbonate project.

According to the announcement, the total investment of the project is 503 million yuan, the source of funds for enterprise self-financing and bank loans. The main products include an annual output of 15,000 tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate, with an annual output of 0.25 million tons of industrial grade lithium carbonate, the project construction period of 1.5 years.

In addition, the announcement on the evening of January 17, Ganfeng lithium another wholly-owned subsidiary of Gan Feng International intended to 0.85 Canadian dollars / share, subscription of the Americas Lithium 75 million new shares, the transaction volume of 6375 Canadian dollars (or 49 million US $) to hold a 19.9% stake in Lithium. Ganfeng International is entitled to one of nine board seats in the lithium industry. The acquisition will provide lithium resources for the company. Gan Feng International will also provide the United States lithium industry does not exceed 125 million development loan. Gan Feng International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gan Feng International intended to 0.85 Canadian dollars / share, subscribe for the Americas Lithium 75 million shares of new shares, trading volume of 6375 Canadian dollars (or 49 million US dollars) to hold Lithium 19.9% of the shares. Ganfeng International is entitled to one of nine board seats in the lithium industry. The acquisition will provide lithium resources for the company. Gan Feng International will also provide the United States lithium industry does not exceed 125 million development loan.

12. Guangdong Aerospace 400 million investment to build power battery and charging pile project

Guangdong Aerospace New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. a total investment of 400 million yuan with an annual output of 300 million lithium iron phosphate lithium battery and 3 million intelligent charging pile project to be in Qingyuan Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hung Xing, covers an area of 67260.94 square M, the project completed and put into operation with an annual output of 300 million hours of lithium iron phosphate power battery and 3 million intelligent charging pile.