Power lithium will soon open a new market segmentation

- Jul 29, 2017-

Last week, "Rights and Game Season 7" officially met with the global audience. This night the king struck, the storm raging. How can the scenes without ice and snow meet our discerning audience? For this production group specifically to Iceland framing, collecting magnificent winter wonders.

Power lithium will soon open a new market segmentation

Lithium battery power unmanned aerial vehicles to help HBO shooting giant system

Shooting, the crew for the first time using unmanned aerial vehicles to replace the helicopter, aerial photography. But want to use unmanned aircraft to conquer Iceland's winter is not so easy. The avalanche used in the UAV from the Netherlands AceCore Technologies to provide professional-grade unmanned aerial vehicles NEO. UAV drivers are also held by Jorrit Linders, the company's CEO.

Jorrit Linders said that in order to show the beauty of Iceland, aerial photography is necessary, but it is also a difficult task. Unmanned aerial vehicles need to carry 9 kg of weight, in Iceland minus 20 degrees Celsius low temperature and at least 7 strong gust of wind stability in the environment, which makes shooting difficult.

To accomplish this daunting task, UAV power battery is the key. It is understood that this UAV using lithium-ion battery as a power battery, battery life can reach 23 minutes. The company also has a ZOE UAV, ZOE and NEO compared to more light, ZOE's battery life can reach 40 minutes. At present, more details about the unmanned battery has not been disclosed, but the previous two episodes of broadcast screen point of view, UAV in Iceland extreme environment performance is perfect, let us for the old man Jorrit Linders's driving skills are like.

The rise of the civilian UAV market, UAV power battery is the key

Lithium battery technology breakthrough makes the performance of UAV has been greatly improved, the civilian market is also more and more optimistic about the UAV. We can take HBO crew in Iceland view of the case of an account, if still using a helicopter shooting, the crew in addition to the burden of high helicopter rental costs, fuel consumption costs, crew costs, may also need because of various extreme weather factors , Resulting in increased time costs.

At present, in addition to aviation shooting, unmanned aerial vehicles are still agricultural plant protection, disaster relief search, power inspection, territorial mapping and other aspects play an irreplaceable role.1501225063267028734.jpg

In addition, more and more electric power unmanned aerial vehicles are used in military. In June this year, the US military began testing several popular miniature unmanned aerial vehicles (four-axis aircraft), including China's design and manufacture of Xinjiang UAV. The past two years, multi-axis unmanned aircraft have also entered the Chinese army trial. Armed police Xinjiang Frontier Corps on the use of six-axis unmanned aerial vehicles in the altitude of 5,000 meters of the Pamirs to inspect the border area. And a large number of Israel before the purchase of "Xinjiang" UAV used as a military use of the report has become a hot spot. This also proves that the performance of the current UAV can meet the requirements of some military activities. But can not avoid the status quo is that the current commercial UAV is still very difficult and the true sense of the military unmanned machine equate.

According to the data analysis, the proportion of China's military unmanned aerial vehicles and civilian unmanned aerial vehicles is about 9: 1. 2013-2020 China's civilian unmanned aerial vehicle market demand will increase from 2013 to 50 million to 2022 280 million, the total demand will reach 1.4 billion US dollars, accounting for about 10.1% of the total market share of unmanned aerial vehicles. China's UAV market can be described as unprecedented huge. The key to limiting the performance of UAVs is still on power batteries. And the new energy vehicle power battery is different from the UAV on the use of power batteries in the environment has a different request, but bear the brunt of the UAV or battery life problems. Especially in the military field, which will become a purely electric UAV can become the key to military unmanned aerial vehicles. Now the military alternative to the direction of the UAV is still fuel cell, but if the lithium battery technology, such as the current hot lithium battery technology can be a breakthrough, then the lithium battery will usher in a broader market.

National "Chinese heart" staged modern version of "the sea twenty thousand meters"

In addition to the UAV market, in the deep dive equipment market, lithium batteries can also be one of the strong power source. In May this year, China in the "dragon" on the basis of the development of 4500 meters manned submersible to complete the test. The submarine core components fully realized localization, the overall localization rate of more than 90%, we affectionately call it a "Chinese heart" of the little fat man. The most noteworthy is that the submersible power battery from the original silver-zinc battery replaced with lithium batteries. And this special battery from the national battery research and development, available from the original 50 times to 500 times, increased by 10 times. At present, the maximum dive depth of the submersible is 4446 meters, and has completed the maximum depth of nearly 31 hours of maximum endurance test test.

"Ocean power" has important practical and strategic significance. The development of marine economy, especially the seabed resources exploration and collection will become the future of China's new growth point, which power lithium industry is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity.

It is worth noting that the current development of the 4500 m manned detectors can not meet future needs. In accordance with the "dragon" maximum submersible depth of 7500 meters standard, and soon there will be more new deep dive equipment has been launched. And this time 4,500 meters lithium battery power system is likely to be only the next generation of deep potential technology touchstone. At that time, the power lithium battery must have a higher technical requirements, deep submarine battery life, anti-low temperature and high pressure and other extreme environmental adaptability will once again face challenges.

In the future, lithium battery technology will be with the application of the subdivision and the development of more differentiated technology. New challenges also appear with many opportunities. God into the sea, poor use of the environment, not only the test of lithium technology, but also test the power of the enterprise's forward-looking layout. Facing the stars and the sea, only to master the core technology, and can advance the layout of these segments of the enterprise, it may be in the fierce competition in the long smile.