Production, consumption, two-pronged approach to accelerate the industrialization of new energy vehicles

- Jan 11, 2017-

To pure electric vehicle-based new energy vehicles to become China's new energy vehicles in the direction of development. Reporter learned yesterday, China will be from the production, consumption, two-pronged approach to promote the development of new energy vehicles.

Yesterday, at the General Motors held the "Direct Urban Transport 2030 Sustainable Development Forum", the State Council Research and Development Research Center of Industry and Economy Minister Feng Fei said, "pure electric vehicles is the most in line with China's development of new energy vehicles, one path is The world recognized the direction of the future.China will start from two aspects to promote the development of new energy vehicles.First, through the "passenger car fuel consumption limits" the third stage of the standard, to encourage vehicle manufacturers to research, development, production of new energy vehicles ; Second, through subsidies to encourage consumers to buy new energy vehicles. "But Feng Fei did not disclose the private purchase of new energy vehicles subsidy standards.

This reporter learned that, "passenger car fuel consumption limits" the third stage of the standard by the industry special attention. It is reported that "passenger car fuel consumption limits" the third stage of the standard to improve the fuel efficiency of passenger cars, to encourage manufacturers to produce low-fuel consumption of low-emission compact car. Feng Fei pointed out that the third stage of the standard is the average value.For example, a car system of annual output of 100 million units, the various models of fuel consumption limits of the weighted average shall not exceed its Fuel consumption limits for passenger cars.

"Currently, China has entered the accelerated industrialization of new energy vehicles, commercial stage." Feng Fei said that China has four major advantages: the market size, diversification, adjust the vested interest is less difficult than overseas; technology to achieve a partial breakthrough, A number of technical indicators of the battery is not behind the overseas; manufacturing costs lower than the United States, Japan; resource protection strong, including lithium, rare earth and so on.

"General Motors has invested in pure electric vehicles, and GM 's pure electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, will be introduced to the Chinese market," said General Manager of GM China, Mr.