Provincial Price Bureau will introduce new energy vehicle pricing policy

- Jan 11, 2017-

New energy vehicles to subsidize what the cost of electric cars to avoid parking fees, road and bridge tolls? Yesterday morning, the Guangdong Provincial Price Association held a forum to discuss this issue. It is reported that the provincial price bureau will introduce electric car price policy to promote the development of electric vehicles.

"The implementation of road tolls, parking fee waiver policy is not a good way." Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission Director Peng Honglin price points, these policies are more difficult to practice, as in the car directly to increase subsidies more simple.

Despite the differences in parking fees and tolls, the participants agreed that the Government should introduce a charging policy as soon as possible. Last year in December, the Guangdong Provincial Price Bureau has approved the first electric vehicle charging facilities in Shenzhen to implement preferential pricing policies. But many experts pointed out that at present there is no scientific development of a unified new energy vehicle charging standards.

Reporter was informed that the Provincial Price Bureau is to carry out related research, further proof of the new energy vehicles in the parking fees, road and bridge tariffs and other aspects of the implementation of the use of preferential price policy feasibility, yesterday's forum is part of its pre-discussion.

At the meeting, many experts and scholars and business representatives pointed out that the price policy of new energy vehicles should be related to the original car price, purchase tax, on licensing fees, electricity, insurance costs, bridge tolls, parking fees and many other costs. "In addition to subsidies to the state policy, but also in the use of links to increase direct subsidies to ordinary consumers." South China Agricultural University, Department of Vehicle Engineering Professor Wang Hailin calculations, new energy vehicles, energy cost savings of about 4,300 yuan, Price subsidies, compared to the traditional car purchase price is still higher than about 60,000 yuan, according to this calculation, the use of cost-balance point of about 14 years, equivalent to the mileage of about 16 million km. "If more than three years, I think no one would be willing to buy electric cars," an industry source said. Department of Public Administration, Jinan University, Associate Professor Hong Kai that from the actual Guangdong perspective, you can focus on the use of the cost of charging a larger price, parking fees and road and bridge charges. However, some experts believe that parking fees and road and bridge tolls lack of operability, and there is no legal basis, the lack of fairness.