Pure electric vehicles are concerned about the power lithium battery put on the agenda

- Jan 11, 2017-

Recently, by the SASAC, 16 central enterprises in Beijing set up a "central enterprises electric car industry alliance", from vehicle manufacturing to battery production and charging station infrastructure supporting facilities, covering the electric car industry chain of all key links.

Insiders pointed out that the composition of members of the National League of electric vehicles determines its investment will involve the entire industry chain, which the formation of electric vehicle industry and the key technology breakthrough will play a substantial boost effect. China's new energy vehicle development path has gradually become clear, electric vehicles will become the preferred technology path.

Policy favor pure electric vehicles

The development of new energy vehicles is a strategic transformation of the global automotive industry. China's development of new energy vehicles which to choose the path?

Zhang Shulin, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Industry, believes that China's development of new energy vehicles must conform to national conditions, conform to international development trends, and have the resource advantages and independent innovation of sustainable development. In his view, power-driven development of new energy vehicles is the best choice.

Led by the Ministry of Industry and the drafting of the "new energy automotive industry development plan" proposed in the next 10 years, the Government will invest 100 billion yuan by 2020 to foster the formation of two -3 production and marketing scale of more than 6 million large auto enterprise groups, 2 new energy vehicle production and sales scale of more than 1 million car enterprise group, 3 -5 new energy vehicle production and sales scale reached 500,000 of the automobile enterprise group. And proposed that the new energy vehicles will be pure electric as the main strategic direction, focusing on the development of pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, to build new energy automotive industry chain.

National policy frequently pass out the signal: the development of new energy vehicles in the line, the state is the pure electric vehicle as the main strategic direction of China's auto industry restructuring, focusing on breakthrough battery, motor, electric control technology, promote pure electric vehicles, plug-in Type hybrid car industry, to achieve leapfrog development of the automotive industry.

"At present, the state to pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles a lot of attention, in particular, tend to develop pure electric vehicles." National Federation of New Energy Chamber of Commerce Executive Secretary Wang Yuehai in an interview with the China Economic Times said that if the electric car The field has more intellectual property rights, China's auto industry will have an overall upgrade.

Tongji University Fuel Cell Engine Research Institute Professor Xu Si Chuan tend to pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles together.

He told reporters that the development of new energy vehicles is based on two prerequisites: environmental pollution and energy issues. Pure electric vehicles do not have fuel, the use of ground power to charge. To the current technology, the charge takes a long time, so short-distance can be used pure electric vehicles, long-distance on the use of fuel cell vehicles.

Power lithium battery concern

In the new energy vehicles behind the concern, power battery has also been put on the agenda.

At present, power battery technology development route is not controversial, but in the development of new energy vehicles at different stages and different types of new energy vehicles used in different battery technology. The industry believes that power lithium battery is currently the best choice for new energy vehicles.

Although the lead-acid battery has been relatively mature, but now more inclined to pure-electric lithium-ion battery. Lead-acid battery recycling, life and storage problems there are some limitations, lithium-ion battery has a high voltage, , Small size, light weight, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, no pollution, etc., wide application field, market capacity. "Wang Yuehai said, lead-acid battery is not a worthy of promotion technology. Lithium battery is now a better choice of power.

Fuel cells by many experts believe that the future direction of development. According to Xu Sizhuan introduction, the fuel cell is hydrogen into the engine unit, generating power, output power. The traditional car is the mechanical drive of energy. Fuel cell vehicles in the work only produce water, there is no pollution.

However, XuSiChuan also said that the source of hydrogen may produce pollution. If it is wind power and the use of electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen, there is no pollution, and if the coal, there will be pollution. However, compared with the energy from electric vehicles, fuel cells are still relatively low-carbon.

This reporter has learned that BYD, Nissan and Zotye believe that pure electric vehicles in line with the automotive industry and economic and social development trend, is the most effective energy - saving emission reduction programs and development routes, in favor of focusing on the development of pure electric vehicles. The FAW Group believes that by the battery technology, in China, hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles are not too mature, advocating the current focus on the development of hybrid technology, but at the same time actively promote pure electric vehicles and Fuel cell vehicle technology research and development.