Ranking the top three OptimumNano technology behind the success of the way?

- Jul 25, 2017-

January 2017, according to China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association statistics, 2016 44 power lithium-ion battery companies produced a total of 46.668 billion watts of power lithium-ion battery sales of 43.354 billion kwh (including exports) , To achieve sales revenue of 78.631 billion yuan. Among them, sales of lithium iron phosphate 27.797 billion kwh, accounting for 64.1%.

In the power lithium-ion battery sales, the top 20 companies completed a total sales revenue of 69.434 billion yuan, a total sales of various types of power lithium-ion battery 37.526 billion watts, Kennedy Ruiwo wholly-owned subsidiary Watma in sales Revenue and sales are ranked third.

Ranked the top three, Powerma power battery technology behind the success of the way? Now we come to find out.

Break the bottleneck of life, 10 minutes fast charge to solve the charges

Endurance is one of the biggest problems that constrains the application of new energy vehicles.

OptimumNano is currently being paid close attention to battery technology innovation and other means to break the current face of the dilemma. Battery technology, fast charging technology has become the core competitiveness of Waters. Waters high speed fast charge battery with small particle size LFP, small particle size artificial graphite, fast charge electrolyte and high porosity diaphragm to ensure the battery's fast charge performance, Wattech 32650-5.0Ah battery has been achieved 6C Charge constant current than 90%, 6C cycle 1000 weeks, 3C cycle 2000 weeks.

Based on the high-speed high-speed charging technology and shallow shallow release mode, the pure electric vehicle can use the loading and unloading time to charge for 10 minutes, 30% SOC, fully guarantee the operation of electric vehicles. At present, Waters battery has been achieved monomer 6C charge and discharge, group 2-3C charge and discharge, that is 20-30 minutes full of electricity, fast charge speed is 2-4 times more than peers.

Innovative battery technology, so that OPTIMUMNANO breakthrough life bottleneck, won the market's widely recognized. As of June 2, Waters has been supporting the recommended catalog models a total of 119, of which 50 pure electric vehicle 50, ranked first.

According to Dr. Rao Mu Min, Dean of the OptimumNano Battery Research Institute, the Waters Battery Research Institute has more than 1,500 R & D teams working on cutting-edge technology in product, management, testing, and system technology development. In recent years, a total commitment to bear the national power battery innovation project, the national science and technology support program topics, national key research and development programs and other national and provincial and municipal government science and technology projects 23, apply for more than 1,400 Chinese patents, international patents 8, Was rated as the leading domestic level of scientific and technological achievements identified five. Through the production and research cooperation, and actively absorb domestic and foreign advanced battery technology research results, and organize a full-time research team to carry out engineering technology research and development, in order to achieve basic research and industrialization of seamless docking.

Not only break through the bottleneck of new energy automotive battery life, Waters in the battery safety performance of technological innovation is also bright spots.

Through a number of extreme tests, with strict security

Security is fundamental. Only to provide safe products, consumers are willing to trust and choose electric cars. OptimumNano established a battery safety, group security system, and through the BMS upgrade, data background monitoring, security testing, and improve after-sales service and cycle maintenance system and other soft and hard combination, equipped with Waters battery system Parts and vehicles more than 100 indicators, real-time data collection and transmission to the background monitoring system, timely warning, timely processing, continuous improvement of power battery safety performance.

At the same time, Waters battery through domestic and international authority testing and certification, acupuncture, extrusion, short circuit and other safety tests are in line with test standards, with excellent safety performance. Among them, the newly upgraded lithium iron phosphate battery into a group structure with a single cell, module protection, breaking the battery waterproof problem.

"Our battery waterproof performance is very high, placed in 10 meters deep water soak for half an hour will not be a problem." Waters upgraded the power battery pack has passed the national new energy vehicle product quality supervision and inspection center monitor.

In addition, Waters battery is still low temperature, life and other aspects of a technological breakthrough. Waters is the first in the industry to develop low-temperature batteries, and has been in Heilongjiang, Urumqi, Hohhot and other cold areas in the north and stable operation, and to ensure that the use of fast-charge background of the use of the cycle to meet the 8-year warranty requirements.

Waters from the battery to the PACK needle, squeeze, external short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, thermal runaway, flip, drop and vibration and other extreme and abnormal conditions, will be sampling test to protect the battery and System security and reliability.

Back to the state-level new energy automotive industry base and Waters Battery Research Institute, Waters R & D and production of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the safety, consistency and cycle life are in the international leading level.

International level intelligent factory, industrial 4.0 times model

Intelligent manufacturing is the development of the industry must compete for high ground, there are industry analysts, although the current domestic production of power batteries up to more than 170 enterprises, but because of the low degree of automation, many companies show "three low" features: low production efficiency, Low efficiency and operational information interoperability inefficient, seriously affect the overall performance of power batteries, and truly meet the technical requirements of downstream enterprises, into the mainstream car supply chain power battery supplier rare.

OPTIMUMNANO also deployed a systematic intelligent manufacturing plan in this area and has progressively implemented it. It is understood that Waters in Shenzhen headquarters and headquarters Weinan and other places to build the country's leading intelligent factory - the new power battery automation pack shop, opened the domestic cylindrical power battery intelligent production of the first production line.

OptimumNano Group President Li Jinlin gave us an account. In the production efficiency, intelligent factories than the traditional workshop increased by nearly 8 times; in labor costs, the machine instead of a large number of artificial, is expected to save more than 1,000 yuan a year. Intelligent factory brought about by standardization, standardization and automation, greatly improving the product quality and output efficiency.

It is reported that Waters pack production workshop set automation, information technology, intelligent in one, through the cloud data processing to achieve the generation of automation operations, formed a set of data, information, services as an integrated system. From the intelligent workshop out of all the batteries, will be incorporated into the OPTIMUMNANO to build a large network of data monitoring platform, the formation of data sharing. Intelligent workshop can also be a key to complete the process design, all equipment can be intelligent detection.

At present, in addition to the headquarters of Shenzhen and Weinan base, Waters smart factory also plans in Linfen, Hohhot, Shiyan and other places landing. Waters to build a world-class intelligent factory, do the industry 4.0 era demonstrators, we will wait and see.

Fully integrated industry chain, to create new energy industry in the millet

As we all know, millet was born with a cost-effective label. "Whether you do not agree, I just want a road to the black, is to do moving people but the price of fair products." Lei Jun has said. In this thinking, the millet phone into the market, the pricing to take a cost-effective strategy, from 2011 to 2015, millet to Cuikulaxi swept the smart phone industry.

The father of modern business management Peter Drucker cloud: "Today's competition between enterprises, not the competition between products and services, but the competition between business models!" Millet cost-effective strategy to play a blue ocean, and OptimumNano thought that everyone can afford the new energy vehicles, cast cost-effective new energy vehicles for the same concept.

"We have a complete business model innovation, vertical open up the industrial chain, horizontal joint more than 1,000 new energy-related businesses, the establishment of OPTIMUMNANO Innovation Alliance." OPTIMUMNANO Group Chairman Li Yao said. Alliance companies cover the new energy automotive industry chain of raw materials, core components, photovoltaic grid micro-network energy storage, vehicle manufacturing, and with the new energy vehicles associated with the operating platform, financial services, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions.

At present, Waters in the technical level, product quality, delivery and service access to China FAW, Dongfeng Motor, the Grand Canal, China Heavy Truck Haowo, Xiamen Golden Brigade, Nanjing Jinlong, Zhongtong Bus, Shanghai Shenlong, Zhuhai Yinlong, Tang Jun European bell, and other well-known domestic enterprises recognized the vehicle, the formation of the amount of power battery production to the new energy vehicle order-based procurement, promotion, the formation of a complete model. Waters integrated core parts enterprises, together with bus manufacturers, into the new energy bus sales operations, as of the end of 2016, the innovative alliance of pure electric bus mode has entered the province of 17 provinces and 26 cities.640.webp (5).jpg

Integration of new energy industry chain to create a shared economy, intelligent security products High quality, low cost cast new energy vehicles cost-effective, Waters will become the new energy industry millet, comprehensively promote the new energy industry price revolution.

Large data networking control, 7X24 hours response mechanism

Waters large data research center, 500 meters away from the intelligent factory. In this 3000 square meters of the database, the electronic screen real-time display of vehicles and battery information running around the country. "From the smart factory out of the battery, will be incorporated into the OPTIMUMNANO to build their own large network of data monitoring platform, real-time collection of vehicles, battery conditions data, in a timely manner to the background and the user to send vehicle and battery conditions warning information to achieve failure Diagnosis of intelligent, effective elimination of new energy vehicles operating safety risks. "OPTIMUMNANO president Li Jinlin said.

It is understood that the power network system consists of vehicle terminal, cloud computing processing center, information management platform composed of three parts, through the vehicle installed on the terminal equipment, vehicle location, speed, dashboard data, power parameters, routes and power battery data and other data Transmission to the background, cloud computing processing center through the analysis of data written to the database, and ultimately in the information management platform through multi-terminal interface to show.

At present, the fertile network has been connected in the country 17 provinces 26 cities, the number of online vehicles exceeded 20,000 units. Relying on the local maintenance service team, the Volvo network has also established a 7X 24 response mechanism to achieve online and offline full-time interaction. Access to the system in addition to FAW, Dongfeng, Nanjing Jinlong, Xiamen Golden Brigade and other well-known car enterprises, powertrain, motor and other upstream and downstream enterprises have also been included.

In order to be able to serve customers the first time, as early as 2008, Waters on the training from more than 300 people composed of after-sales service team. In the words of Dr. Rao, "we strive to solve the problem in an hour." 7X24 hour response mechanism services, Watma support services personalized, professional and comprehensive trust.

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