SDI will continue to supply batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S8

- Jan 06, 2017-

Earlier news that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery overheating fire or explosion, Samsung may turn to external battery suppliers (and even its competitors LG Chemical). However, according to South Korean site MK reported that as a Galaxy Note 7 battery supplier of SDI, do not need to overheat explosion back pan. If the findings are as they say (Samsung plans to be announced between January 10 and the end of the month), then we speculate SDI is still expected to continue to supply batteries for the Galaxy S8.

SDI promises to be a "safety first" company after Galaxy Note 7's first recall (replacing the SDI battery with the ATL-supplied version). However, at that time, Samsung pointed out that ATL is not responsible for the subsequent occurrence of the battery fire incident.

The report states that SDI has set a contract to supply batteries for several Samsung phones, including the recently announced Galaxy A (2017) and the upcoming Galaxy S8.

SDI said in a statement, Galaxy S8 will be built the company's battery. MK website also said that this subsidiary will assume Samsung 2017 high-end smart machine 65% of the battery supply task.

Of course, Samsung is also in talks with other battery suppliers, including LG Chemical and Japan's TDK.