Shenzhen BYD industrial area of the old battery warehouse fire

- Jul 29, 2017-

July 28 at 3:40 am Xu Dapeng New District, Kwai Chung Street, near the Huaqiang Road, near the road and the junction of the road at the junction of a stack of waste batteries and other dangerous goods warehouse fire, the fire continued to burn about half Hour was extinguished, fire area of more than 40 square meters, did not cause casualties. Police said the cause of the fire is under further investigation.

A loud noise in the middle of the night awakened the guests of the hotel

According to Mr. Chen, who was separated from the fire scene, he stayed at a hotel near the BYD Kwai Chung Industrial Park on the same day. At about 3:30 am, a loud noise awakened him. He then saw the BYD Industrial Park Near the wall of the place of fire, the flames fleeing more than ten meters high and accompanied by this huge smoke, "which cracked a burst of spark like a burst of sound, spark splashing", soon heard a fire truck Siren, four fire engines parked outside the wall, but because the walls are seven or eight meters high, the fire truck turned from the door of the industrial park into the fire.1501211404991042754.jpg

(Last night fire scene fire truck)

In a bakery worker, Mr. Lee provided the live video, you can see the rapid fire, from seven or eight meters high wall out, the video and accompanied by a huge sound. Mr. Li said that after the fire officers and men rushed to the scene, probably over twenty minutes or so, the fire was destroyed, "but also braved the strong pungent black smoke."

Reporters arrived at four o'clock in the morning, the fire has been extinguished, smoke has been dispersed. Reporters standing near the high-rise, over seven or eight meters of the wall can be seen next to the wall there is a row of low bungalows, about seven or eight houses, the middle of a iron gate has been black after the traces of fire, On the ground a few hundred meters of white tube spread in full of dirty water, the pipe has an arm so thick (after the enlarged photo found that the fire pipe), the scene has been basically clean up.1501211405038027035.jpg

The fire cottage is a row of low bungalows for storing debris1501211405069051236.jpg

The middle of a iron gate has been black after the traces of fire

On the ground a few tens of meters of white tube spread in full of dirty water

According to the security staff of the industrial area, in the event of fire, the park's fire brigade rushed to the scene and the police, but because they do not know the contents of the cottage stacked items, the park's fire brigade did not immediately use the water gun Fire, but in the park security sector after a professional analysis of the fire before the fire, "fear of improper fighting methods cause more serious consequences." Then the firefighters rushed to the fire control and put it out, but fortunately the accident did not expand. The security personnel said the accident did not casualties, the cause of the fire is not clear.

Dapeng fire reply1501211405116068276.jpg

According to Daya Bay Task Force squadron squadron team vice captain, the team received a 3:46 on the BYD Kwai Chung industrial area of the fire, at 3:51 arrived at the scene disposal, after nearly 20 minutes of fighting will be the fire control and extinguishment, the scene No casualties.

Paragraph vice captain revealed that the fire is the industrial area for the dumping of used batteries and other dangerous goods dangerous goods warehouse, there are seven or eight houses. Fire scene has a lot of waste batteries and some other debris, but fortunately each room is an independent partition, after the fire did not expand, but a house on fire, and fire area of 40 square meters.