Sino-German Cooperation Action Plan

- Jul 29, 2017-

In 2014, China and Germany signed the "Sino-German Cooperation Action Plan", industrial 4.0 into a new era of Sino-German cooperation. And learn from the German industry 4.0 plan, "China made 2025" established strategy. In fact, the German industry 4.0 Ye Hao, China made 2025 Ye Hao, the US industrial Internet Ye Hao, their essential content is consistent, and are pointing to a core - intelligent manufacturing. The whole process of industry 4.0 is the process of continuous integration of automation and information, but also the process of redefining the world with software.1501232320462020926.jpg

"The whole line mode" the outbreak of China's lithium battery intelligent manufacturing direction has been set

After three years of exploration and accumulation, the industry 4.0 this all-encompassing abstract concept, now more and more become fragmented and figurative. In the lithium equipment industry, the current realization of intelligent manufacturing more focused on the four sub-theme, namely: the whole line of automation, software control, man-machine collaboration, intellectual new ecological. Four themes interrelated and common development, which contains the key to open the door to the future of the industry.1501232320556072963.jpg

Exploring the Future - "Whole Line Mode" and Creating New Ecology of Intelligent Manufacturing

As we all know, intelligent manufacturing Ye Hao, industrial 4.0 worth mentioning, are not a single technical problem, but a need from top to bottom, step by step to promote the complex system engineering. Corresponding, it created the format, is also new. It is difficult to provide a single product or service provider, it is difficult in the complex ecosystems to survive, to find complementary, mutually supportive partners, to build a collaborative system, in order to survive in the fierce market competition. Lithium equipment industry is also true

First, the "whole line model" came into being

From the domestic lithium equipment leading enterprises, the current win under the jurisdiction of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Yakang and other top ten subsidiaries, and has a strong intelligence and other strategic partners. Relying on the "whole line of equipment + robot + software control" strategic layout, the company's products cover lithium production process on the middle and lower reaches, as the first and only one can provide the whole line of service providers, the technical level of the leading domestic The

The "full line mode" matching MES system, from the material to the product data can be traced throughout the traceability, quality control; equipment, low energy consumption design, can save electricity 30%; through the new process, the whole line layout and logistics optimization, also Can save staff 60%; special vehicles, metal dust design and other security measures to improve; and the entire line of short delivery, from the next single, equipment manufacturing to commissioning installation, put into production only 120 days.

"The whole line mode" the outbreak of China's lithium battery intelligent manufacturing direction has been set

According to win technology CEO He Aibin introduced at present the majority of domestic equipment is still in automation, information technology, the early stages of intelligence. "For example, the current industry companies pay more attention to the MES system, it is only a small part of the information to achieve the ultimate stage of intelligent manufacturing there is still much to do, and based on the increasingly large amount of service samples and data accumulation, win Technology will have the ability to power the battery industry quickly into the industry 4.0 to lay a solid foundation. "For the" whole line model "of the future, He Ai Bin full of confidence.

Second, the "whole line" and "total package" is very different

Lithium battery special equipment development has not only a simple function to achieve, and now more concerned about the accuracy of the equipment, security and product consistency, the status of the industry and the future trend of development, with the whole line of capacity to solve the equipment Enterprise advantage is obvious. For example, win the first technology of the "whole line mode" to attract a lot of industry followers, some powerful lithium battery equipment manufacturers have increased the overall line of equipment supply capacity, "total package mode", "the whole line Provide "and other new words turned out.

"The whole line mode" the outbreak of China's lithium battery intelligent manufacturing direction has been set1501232320649067282.jpg

According to the battery industry in China to understand the industry, Yakang's coating machine, winding machine, the new Pu to provide the machine, and the high-speed die-cutting machine, double-bit stacking machine, Ding of the injection device and the Hui MES systems and other products market share is higher. And the subsidiaries formed a full-value chain of collaborative platform for the win-technology group strategy to provide the most stable and efficient support. Comprehensive view, the "total package mode" seems to lack the core competitiveness, and win technology in the lithium battery equipment on the whole line of unique advantages.

Cross - border fusion - "he 's stone" to open a new journey of intelligent manufacturing

The market is always entangled in the domestic power battery overcapacity, while ignoring the global trend! At present, the public, GM and other international first-tier car prices have put forward and steadily promote the electricization strategy, the global tide of electric vehicle development has been opened, China is undoubtedly the world's most important new energy vehicles market. New energy vehicles to maintain a high degree of prosperity, large-scale expansion of power battery companies are in progress, driven by the quality of lithium equipment demand and the overall increase.

His mountain stone, you can attack jade. In the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, the competition between enterprises will appear cross-domain, fragmented and so on, "on the standard analysis" will become more and more ineffective. Whether an enterprise can maintain a competitive advantage, it is not enough to analyze the same kind, and it is necessary to integrate the boundary between different fields and understand the structure of the whole ecosystem in order to make its own advantages to be continued.

Therefore, we should also look at other intelligent manufacturing areas, this link they are how to do. For example, from the Siemens virtual Ford factory platform for Ford, the digital plant platform can identify problems as soon as possible, optimize the process, and share data in real time, support the global factory virtual verification, to achieve 100% fully automated.

Although the simple contrast between different industries are rude and undesirable, but at least give us some inspiration: the lithium industry, intelligent manufacturing barriers can be broken through technical means. He Aibin said that the company set up the purpose of the study of Japan and Shenzhen Institute is to jump out of the lithium industry frame of the confinement, learn from other industries nutrient, bold introduction of other industry professionals to achieve lithium automation equipment, intelligent and information technology. "At present, the company is developing research and development of equipment products will be achieved with other equipment business 'generation' gap." He Aibin said.

Overall, although the individual lithium business has been with the advantages of first-mover, technology, brand and customer resources to establish a leading edge, but the intelligent manufacturing inclusive, covers the vast majority of enterprises is difficult to independently accommodate, division of labor Is the trend of this industry trend. Advantage of enterprises can rely on existing advantages in a particular area in depth, emerging enterprises should also have a specific direction of development and clear positioning, to avoid the flow of general.