Sony lithium battery factory: There are six factories on Tuesday to resume work there are still suspended

- Jan 11, 2017-

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Sony Corp. said Monday it will reopen a lithium-ion battery plant in Tochigi, Japan, on Tuesday, while six other factories that produce products such as IC cards and Blu-ray Discs Is turned off.

Sony says the company is not sure when other plants will resume operations, some of which will be made available to other manufacturers, including overseas customers.

In the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster, Sony and other dozens of Japanese companies have taken to close the plant and cut production measures. Japan's second-biggest carmaker, Nissan Motor, reopened some of its operations in five factories on Monday and is expected to restart its car production later this week. Japan is facing a nuclear leak crisis as a result of the magnitude 9 tsunami and the tsunami disaster, which is a major supplier to the global automotive and technology industry.

Nissan Motor said in a statement that it will resume repair of parts at its Chuba, Tochigi, Yokohama, Kyushu and Nissan Shatai plants and production of parts for overseas production, and car production is scheduled to restart on Thursday. But the statement also said that Nissan's other factories, compared to the company's northeastern Japan's Yiweiqi engine plant takes more time to resume operations.

Nissan in Japan's domestic market, automobile production in its share of the total output of about 22%. According to the Goldman Sachs Group forecast, Nissan, stop production will be a day of its net profit of about 2 billion yen (about 24.8 million US dollars) impact.

Toshiba said Monday that the company's plant in Iwate Prefecture is still in a state of suspended production, the plant is responsible for the production of microprocessors and image sensors for the system LSI chip. Toshiba said it has begun to restore the operation of this plant, but there is no specific time schedule. The assembly line in a Japanese factory will be shut down for a month to repair damaged machinery that produces small LCD screens for smartphones and other devices, Toshiba said.

Renesas Electronics, the world's fifth-largest chipmaker, has suspended operations at its eight plants and is uncertain when it will resume production. Renesas Electronics said the company is unlikely to weaken before the power cut off some of the factory is expected to power outages will remain until the end of April.