State Hin Hi-Tech: the rise of eco-type power battery business

- Jan 19, 2017-

In 2016, will be destined to become the country Xuan high-tech enterprise in the history of a very critical year. This year, the company's leadership structure of the layout, the State Xuan is rising for an ecological-type power battery business.

Through the extensive layout of the industry chain, industry vertical integration, the State Xuan continued to strengthen the upstream and downstream collaborative development, co-ordinate the layout and seek linkage development, from a single power battery business to the electric vehicle industry chain eco-enterprise transformation.

"Application of the company's billions of magnitude, platform-based company billions of magnitude, the value of ecological companies billions of magnitude." This is a famous saying in the mobile Internet era. For the new energy automotive industry, this sentence also applies.

At the same time, Guoxuan Hi-Tech continue to abide by the "product is king" of the enterprises, strong forging technology research and development capabilities, step by step toward the international.

In 2016, by virtue of building a large number of high-quality industrial ecological gathering customer resources, uphold the "product is king" to create a high-specific battery products, key projects put into operation gradually bring large-scale cost advantage, Guoxuan Hi-Tech focus on the leading power lithium In the war the torrents of courage.

"Benefit without harm": Build sustainable development ecosphere

In 2016, the state Xuan work a lot of Hi-Tech is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the formation of sustainable development of the ecological circle. In the beginning of the New Year message, Li Zhen, chairman of the "profit without harm" business philosophy. Subsequently, the "building industry ecology" 2016 Guoxuan work as one of the guidelines. Whether "profit without harm", or "build industrial ecology", are seeking to build multi-win-win industrial chain, building a sustainable development ecosystem.

1, industry integration: from business partners to the par brothers

In 2016, the company and the new deep-energy cooperation Beiqi called the best example of industry integration. November 16, Qingdao Guoxuan annual production capacity of 1GWH ternary lithium battery production line officially put into operation, the project is based on Beiqi new energy Lacey production base with an annual output of 150,000 new energy vehicle project construction as the basis for supporting the construction of the production base. With the depth of integration of the two industry giants, Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Beiqi new energy from you to buy me to sell the business partners into a win-win shoulder to shoulder brothers.

Prior to July 8, the space million source and the State Hin joint investment to build high-tech 1 billion Ah power battery production base in Tangshan grand foundation. (Tangshan) new energy industry base started, the company following the investment and construction of Qingdao Beiqi company, once again break the geographical restrictions, to the north and even the national market into another key point, but also the country Hsuan Hi-Tech and Space Wanyuan strategy Partnership is a key step. With the advantages of space resources Wanyuan, the company will further explore the northern market.

In addition to cooperation with the downstream vehicle business, the company also with the upper reaches of the source material and other upstream industries to form industrial integration, joint venture construction in east China's largest power lithium battery separator project. 2016, the company's industrial integration strategy has also successfully attracted Formosa Plastics Group, Mitsui Chemicals and other world-class materials companies came to discuss cooperation, the company Mitsui Chemicals in mainland China to promote new products, the first additive battery business.

2, capital integration: the common interests of solid "friends circle"

"Battery companies and vehicle companies in the depth of strategic cooperation is the magic weapon for the future. History let us walk together, let us live up to the good times!" Beiqi Zheng, general manager of new energy, said the company visited the case.

Over the past year, the company and vehicle companies in the industrial integration, but also to strengthen the capital integration. In March, the company involved in the Beijing Auto New Energy to increase their investment to 307 million yuan to subscribe for new energy Beijing Automotive registered capital of 120 million yuan will be completed after the new energy will hold 3.75% stake in Beiqi to achieve the depth of binding large customers. The capital increase of new energy shares of Beiqi is conducive to the company to seize the historic opportunity of the explosive growth of new energy vehicles, extending the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles to broaden the company's development space, increase the industrial layout of the upgrading and upgrading the overall profitability of the company.

In November, SAIC 350 million private placement to participate in the company. Through the introduction of SAIC investment, the company's major customer line and then the next city, and further strengthen the integration with the downstream customers in the capital. SAIC and the depth of cooperation, in a sense, is successfully copied before the Beiqi model, the company took the opportunity to enter the SAIC supply chain of new energy vehicles, continue to implement a joint venture plant, supporting the production of large customer strategy.