- Jan 21, 2017-

In the modern industrial development, the strategic value of lithium resources are more and more attention. Strengthen strategic planning, and promote China's lithium industry independent innovation has become an important issue. January 14, organized by the National Institute of Think Tank "China's lithium industry development strategy and independent innovation model" topic title seminar held in Beijing.

Mr. Lu Baifu, former vice director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, delivered a speech at the meeting. He was from the Development Research Center of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Lithium Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and the Research Office of Jiangsu Provincial Government. Experts, as well as representatives of the media and business representatives of the forum, experts on the topic results to give a higher rating. The symposium was chaired by Bao Yueyang, President of China Development Press and Chairman of the Board of China Institute of Culture and Media.

With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the energy problem has become an important bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of China's economy and society. Improving energy efficiency, adjusting energy structure, development and utilization of renewable energy is not only the realization of green development in China, the construction of ecological civilization, the inevitable choice, but also the key to maintaining national economic security. In modern industry, the lithium industry occupies an important position, is the development of new energy, new materials industry base. Lithium products are widely used in metal smelting, glass ceramics, refrigeration lubrication, high-energy batteries, aerospace, nuclear fusion power generation and other fields, the strategic value of the increasingly attention around the world. At present, the global lithium reserves of about 13 million tons, of which Chile, China, Australia, Argentina, the lithium reserves in the forefront.

In recent years, lithium resources continue to expand the field of application, lithium battery in the field of significantly faster growth rate, has become the largest application areas. Although demand for lithium-ion batteries is mainly driven by the consumer electronics market, demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to grow faster in power and industrial energy storage markets, which will only increase in the next few years Will weaken. In addition, lithium resources in the atomic energy industry, pharmaceuticals, new energy and new materials in the field of application will also be related to the continuous breakthroughs in technology and more extensive.

With the lithium industry continued to expand production capacity, the development of related resources and product technology to achieve a breakthrough. To Jiangsu Ronghui General Li Co., Ltd. as the representative, in the lithium technology to maintain industry-leading, and through continuous technological innovation, and promote technology and resources integration, made important progress. At the same time, China's lithium industry in the supply of resources, development costs, product quality, etc. also faces many challenges. To this end, the task force, the urgent need to lithium development base on independent innovation, and promote innovation chain and industrial chain, capital chain, the depth of integration.

The group believes that the future development of China's lithium industry should focus on the new normal economic and social development of the strategic needs of independent innovation to lead the development of the first driving force to market demand-oriented, with production and research cooperation as a support to institutional mechanisms reform In order to protect and optimize the allocation of innovative resources, promote the innovation chain and the industrial chain, the deep integration of capital chain, the establishment of multi-factor linkage, multi-agent collaborative innovation ecology and interests of community, focus on the development of new technologies, expand the industrial chain, promote lithium resources efficient and reasonable Use and sustained and healthy development of lithium industry.

To promote China's lithium industry independent innovation, the Task Force put forward six suggestions:

One is to raise awareness, strengthen strategic planning and top-level design. From the national security and long-term development of the height of the lithium industry will rise to strategic basic industries, the development of lithium industry in the near future and long-term planning to promote the lithium industry to achieve technological innovation-driven.

Second, we must strengthen cooperation between industry, academia and research to support enterprises and research institutions joint research. Play a key scientific research institutions, the leading role of leading enterprises to strengthen the lithium industry chain based on scientific and technological research. Innovation mode of production and research cooperation, and promote innovation between the depth of integration. To build common technology research and development and personnel training collaborative innovation platform for high-end technical personnel "not for all, but for the use."

The third is to promote cross-regional business cooperation, build lithium industry strategic alliance. We will combine the advantages of technology, talents and capital in the eastern region with the advantages of resources in the west, and promote the co-innovation and open innovation to achieve an effective link between the industrial chain, innovation chain and capital chain.

Fourth, reform the relevant management system to encourage competition and appropriate relaxation of access. Deepen the reform of mineral resources management system to achieve resource separation and ownership separation, the use of economic leverage to promote the rational development and utilization of lithium resources. In the system to break the ownership of discrimination, to give technical and management advantages of private enterprises to participate in the market competition opportunities, to support private capital in lithium resources development and technological innovation play a greater role.

Five is to increase policy support, encourage the priority development and utilization of salt lake lithium resources. The establishment of Salt Lake comprehensive utilization of resources development of major projects. And actively explore the use of government services, technological innovation and other subsidies after the results, and promote the development of lithium technology to promote industrial upgrading of technological innovation. Will be included in the list of high-quality lithium carbonate high-tech products, salt will be the old halogen as raw materials to produce lithium carbonate and other products into the comprehensive utilization of resources, corporate income tax concessions directory. At the same time, play a good policy of financial and other tools to support the role of enterprise technology innovation, and guide commercial financial institutions to improve the technology credit system.

Six is to strengthen environmental supervision and law enforcement, and promote the orderly development and utilization of lithium resources. Clear and regulate the lithium resources of the local government environmental resources management authority, encourage the priority development and utilization of resources and economic and technological advantages of salt lake brine lithium resources, promote the application of advanced lithium extraction technology.