Subsidies 2.0 times to open power battery technology upgrades to accelerate

- Jan 06, 2017-

2016, the last working day, the Ministry of Finance announced the official website of the four ministries, "on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the use of financial subsidies to inform the policy", thus, the industry's new energy vehicles embrace the final subsidy policy finally landed.

The new energy vehicle subsidies to adjust the basic idea is: 2016-2020 to maintain the overall stability of the subsidy policy under the premise, through the adjustment and improvement of the subsidy methods to improve the allocation of funds to improve the production enterprises and product access threshold, establish and improve the regulatory system And other measures to form a further encourage technological progress and Fuyoufuqiang the financial subsidy mechanism to purify the industrial development environment and promote the healthy and rapid development of industry.

Although late, but the industry's general assessment of the policy adjustment is "rational." Policy makers for the current state of technology and new energy vehicles are very aware of the cost, can stand for the industry to better position to develop policies.

Study of this policy, high-tech research Institute of Lithium Research (GGII) found that 7 significant changes.

1) recommended models catalog threshold and dynamic adjustment.

2) In addition to fuel cell electric vehicles, subsidies, a substantial decline in the national subsidy decreased by 20% to 40%.

3) Subsidies to local governments are clearly stipulated, not exceeding 50% of the central government's subsidy for bicycles.

4) Subsidies are converted from pre-allocation to annual clearing.

5) non-individual users to buy new energy vehicles before the application for mileage mileage mileage (total mileage must be 30,000 km (except for the operation of special vehicles).

6) to the power of the battery as the core of the subsidy, and energy density as the basis for subsidies to adjust the coefficient, especially the new energy bus, the subsidy by the power battery performance level differences.

7) In addition to fuel cell vehicles, the subsidies will continue to decline.

For this policy adjustment, many people in the industry for the first time in the circle of friends expressed their views.

@ State Hin Hi-Tech President Fang Jianhua wrote in a circle of friends: long-awaited subsidy policy finally sounded before the New Year bell sounded, on the one hand, highlights the central government's new energy automotive industry support the firm determination, but also To further improve the policy on product technical requirements, especially the supervision and control measures, will effectively curb speculation, and promote a more healthy and orderly development of the industry. Of course, some indicators of the requirements if the extensive solicitation of professional advice, may be more effective, or even interfere with the selection of technical lines to avoid suspicion.

@ Aoyou general manager of Chen Guang Sen: the industry are happy to subsidize the policy floor, but the new subsidy policy is only technical and financial strength to play, and to achieve the safety standards for battery packs, not only technical excellence, each battery Package detection cost of several million dollars. Electric vehicle power battery technology and capital-intensive, to think twice.

@ Hua Ting, general manager of Peng Zhou Peng said: new energy vehicles is a strategic emerging industries, one of the three is the ring: quit cheating, quit each other; the second is: focus on customer needs rather than subsidize demand, focus on long-term market rather than Short-term interests of transport; third is Hui: return on investment, long-term survival and the whole value chain ecology.

@ Micro-macro comrades out: the battery energy density as a reference index of subsidies may promote the lightweight technology in the battery pack on the application. Battery companies will be more radical and quicker than vehicle manufacturers in applying similar technologies to vehicles.

For this policy, GGII that the industry will have four major effects:

A) "fish in troubled waters, a fine line" and earn quick money behavior will be completely curbed, subsidy funds will flock to dominant enterprises. OEMs in 2016 a comprehensive inventory of fraud, and strong penalties and other deterrent, become more cautious. The establishment of market sampling mechanism, require OEMs to act in accordance with relevant regulations. 2016 and before the subsidy policy is relatively extensive subsidies similar to the big pot, a lot of poor, non-compliance of the car prices in 2015 resurgence, disrupting the pace of development of the industry.

2) 2017 began to increase the cost of the industrial chain pressure, requiring industrial chain Baotuan heating, to create industrial ecology. Subsidies substantially adjusted, and the end of the subsidy clearing system, OEMs need to advance their subsidies, which increased the capital requirements of OEMs. The current price of new energy vehicles is still higher than the performance of the traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles must be reduced to a certain extent in order to facilitate circulation of the price.

So the cost reduction in 2017 is one of the core tasks of OEMs. In addition, the vehicle's power battery and other core components of higher performance requirements, more attention to safety requirements, require OEMs to invest more in R & D. In the delay in subsidies, increased investment in the double under attack, the pressure on the capital pressure of OEMs, reducing the cost of urgent demand, which requires the industry chain collaboration, and financial strength and technical strength of the strong support of suppliers.

C) more detailed subsidies, can be quantified, more targeted to reduce the loopholes can be transferred, the industry will gradually orderly and rational. A number of measurement indicators to jointly confirm the amount of subsidies, such as the Ekg power battery system energy density, tons of electricity consumption per hundred kilometers, 100 km power consumption (Y), the cumulative mileage. Accumulated mileage requirements to make micro-bus, leasing and part of the public car to buy and not likely to get subsidies.

New Deal in time for the end of 2016 enacted, fully demonstrates the country's determination to develop new energy vehicles unchanged, GGII that this will continue to promote China's new energy vehicles forward, to the great development. At present, China's new energy automotive industry is experiencing from the "policy-driven market" to "market-driven technology" stage, although the subsidy dropped substantially, some models have a great blow, but the current industrial chain investment scale, capacity scale, Of the self-hematopoietic ability than 2014-2015 has been greatly improved. Gradually reduce the subsidy of small state subsidies, the industry's self-blood will promote their own development, but it must be a few happy several unhappy. The big Hengda, strong Hengqiang trend diminished.

Since the lithium industry this week event ~

1, power battery and vehicle manufacturers to upgrade

In the power battery down costs, standardized manufacturing, business model innovation and change in the background, car prices and power battery business is accelerating the strategic cooperation.

This week, Ningde era Dongfeng Motor formally signed a strategic framework agreement. Agreement, the two sides will work together to build new energy vehicles in the field of cooperation platform.

In fact, the era of Ningde and Dongfeng cooperation is not the case, the two sides signed an agreement the day before, FAW Bus and Jiangsu Chunlan just signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and then retrace the line of sight, in the past year, has There are Beijing Auto and the State Hin Tech, Silver Long new energy and the car era, Boston battery and the land ark, Tian Jin shares and Jiang Te electric vehicles and other battery companies and car prices strategic cooperation case.

Poke this view "power battery and vehicle manufacturers to upgrade five major case study judged new format"

Although in the above case, many partners are still only remain in the framework of the agreement level, but it is undeniable that the path of promoting the development of new energy vehicles, car enterprises and parts enterprises have been in consensus: car prices and core zero The depth of strategic cooperation between enterprises has become the mainstream trend.

"Whether it is from the perspective of healthy development of the industry, or from the perspective of technological development, the depth of the industrial chain enterprises should become the trend of collaboration." State Hin President Fang Jianhua high-tech lithium power grid that car prices and battery Enterprises and cooperation should not stay in a simple trading relationship, but should be from product development, business model development, capital cooperation and other aspects of the depth of collaboration.

View the domestic new energy vehicles in the field of car prices and power battery business strategic cooperation, can be divided into two kinds, a strategic cooperation is based on pure price factors and product stability of the short-term considerations, the other is for products Development, market development, business model innovation and other multi-dimensional considerations and the formation of the depth of binding cooperation.

Fang Jianhua said that simply stay in the product price and supply of strategic cooperation will not go too far from the traditional car prices and engine business model of cooperation, only in the process of cooperation to establish a new business model and ecological circle , Will be more meaningful. Especially in the new energy vehicle products have not yet achieved full life cycle verification, the underlying infrastructure is not sound background, the depth of the industrial chain collaboration appears to have value.

(GGII) to remind, although the car prices and battery business cooperation is the trend, but for the follow-up in terms of cooperation before the full contact and consideration, it is necessary to do a good job of risk control , It is more important in the choice of the other to take full account of the product development, production capacity on the rhythm to ensure that the two sides in cooperation on the degree of match.