Technological innovation driving battery development

- Nov 02, 2016-

Electric cars as you convenience of means of transport, and liked by many people. Electric vehicle battery selection has become the focus of everyone's attention. A good electric car battery, in addition to the superiority of power outside support, transition to diversification. Green, green, may continue to use batteries of the latest requirements, to cadmium-free green skills as a bright spot of Asahi battery, turn to representatives of the new generation of environmentally friendly battery brand.

Over the years, environmental degradation has become global citizens together to face questions. Development and application of all kinds of high-tech goods, has a certain impact on the environment. With deepening know much about environmental questions, and tend to pick the goods may continue to be used, and less environmental pollution. In particular, electric vehicle batteries, high performance environmentally-friendly products more popular. As the world's leading brand of high quality electric-car batteries, Xu sent batteries strictly in skills, developed CD green battery-free, can be applied to electric cars, battery life and useful progress, more energy conservation and environmental protection, ensuring efficiency.

This proposed new skills, get rid of electric vehicle battery environmental pollution hat, not only to reduce its own pollution, work together to reduce the body weight. By Xu battery research, free cadmium green batteries a charging interval to progress 20% the mercy and using new chemical materials, ensure that even under high temperature condition of the battery is still able to secure work solves the weaknesses of battery for electric bicycle is not strong, electric vehicle true you usually travel a convenient tool.

The other hand, the skills in domestic occupations in the first position of the battery. As the world's leading supplier of batteries, Xu followed jingdiaoxilou production philosophy, especially on the development of new skills, Xu sent a leading domestic high-quality electric skills. Asahi announced open green, cadmium-free electric car batteries, has the characteristics of high energy environmental protection, was awarded Jiangsu famous brand goods, was awarded the 2013 China electrical equipment industry's most influential brand of honor and a series of titles.