Ternary batteries, fuel cell vehicles welcome good policy

- Jan 13, 2017-

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Development and Reform Commission formally issued "on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the use of financial subsidies policy notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), and January 1, 2017 onwards. "The policy content and market expectations are basically the same, the introduction of time points in line with expectations." Ministry of Industry and CCID Research Institute of Automotive Industry Research Center, General Manager Wu Hui told reporters.

Ternary batteries, fuel cell vehicles welcome good policy

"Although the delay in the introduction of subsidy policy and the subsidy slump to companies feel the pressure, but the state of new energy automotive industry support this has not changed." Micro-macro power market, said Song Han, vice president of the interview, In addition, the transition from policy - driven to market - driven, but also help to get rid of local protectionism, to avoid bad money to evict the phenomenon of good money.

Positive ternary battery

"Notice" that, in addition to fuel cell vehicles, various types of vehicles 2019-2020 central and local subsidies for the standard and the upper limit of the existing standards based on the slope of 20%. Will increase the energy requirements of electric passenger cars and driving range threshold requirements, while the introduction of new national standard battery power to enhance the safety of battery power, cycle life, charge and discharge performance requirements.

In addition, due to product quality accidents caused by the model, will be upside down subsidies, suspension of models or business subsidies. The establishment of market sampling mechanism and the establishment of "new energy vehicles promote the use of recommended models directory" dynamic management system.

"The introduction of the new national standard power battery to improve the safety of battery power, cycle life, charge and discharge performance indicators requirements, set the power battery energy density threshold, will enhance the battery products have a greater impact, will effectively inhibit the battery low The end of the scattered problem.To enhance energy density, lower prices, to achieve faster development of the battery industry has a positive stimulating effect. "National Passenger Car Market Information Secretary-General Cui Dongshu told reporters.

Reporter learned from the Shen Wan Hongyuan, "notice" for the access threshold to enhance, is expected to bring the market concentration of the upgrade, out of the weak competitiveness of enterprises. "We believe that the power of the battery industry chain is the highest degree of market concentration, the highest technical threshold link." Shen Wan Hongyuan said in the report.

"Notice" in the energy density of more than 120Wh / kg models by 1.1 times the standard subsidies. In this regard, the interpretation of Choi Dong-shu, "the new energy vehicle constraints is to enhance the battery, passenger cars using the advantages of three-cell battery is more obvious, ternary trend has become increasingly prominent, while the" notice "is the tendency of high energy density of the three Yuan battery more, but also on the characteristics of fast charge, such as to take care of.

Since the current lithium iron phosphate and 523-type ternary batteries usually energy density between 90-120Wh / kg, the policy is to encourage the 622 type, 811 type and even NCA and other energy density can be 120Wh / kg or more Of the high energy ternary battery.

As for Samsung, LG and other main triple-cell foreign-funded enterprises when they can enter the "automotive power battery industry conditions" directory, enjoy the corresponding subsidies? "The recent ternary Korean battery is still difficult to enter, this is the time for domestic battery manufacturers to seize the market.However, the future will be three foreign enterprises to open, but the verification process is certainly slow." Interview, an anonymous Battery business executives told reporters.