Tesla China construction in the end do not fly?

- Aug 01, 2017-

The old era slowly disappear, the future of new energy is getting closer, the new market will also want to play intense, the new energy market this piece of no big cake like a large round table in the center, each car prices and The country is staring at the tight, and for this is about to cut the cake desperately to seize all the existing resources.

And which Tesla into China is a dramatic start, whether it can be a smooth area, Tesla all need to take a long plan. Tesla is able to be made in recent years, people talk about the hot spots of discussion, from 2015 made in the expected Tesla, to today's 2017 is still rumors everywhere, who is really different people.

But within a short period of two years we all understand that China 's new energy market is bright future, and thus came a word: "the Chinese people, the world.

Can we all understand that now the fool knows the future of the powerful Chinese market, but also let you Tesla succeed? In the United States had a cheap sell Tesla, not to mention the major car companies are not happy, and maybe their own business in China are not happy, who is behind the knife we do not know, but we can see is Is currently built in southern China Xingxing those new energy companies, we are in the future for the market to seize the advantages of resources.

Model 3 of the limelight has not passed, we believe that Tesla in worrying about the adjustment of China at the same time, Model 3 that more than 500,000 orders will be Tesla the most troublesome thing. A huge order itself is an urgent need for expansion of manufacturing, coupled with the huge market in China did not let China account for the policy of cheap Tesla can be described as anxious, the delay in the production of Tesla Xiaobian has such a view.

Tesla in the current status of new energy important both in the US market or in technology, have their own absolute advantage, and we all have a headache in the battery management technology Tesla is thriving, so that itself has Very big potential, is such a we are very optimistic about the Tesla, but in the Chinese market did not get much benefit. Low prices and low prices of the current situation can not meet the current huge market demand, but it is this time, the expansion of the construction of Tesla also encountered obstacles in China, coupled with the stock crash and Model 3 available, it seems China will become Tesla's life-saving "tree".

Why is a tree rather than a straw?

Xiao Bian has this view, the Chinese children from the courageous struggle of the poor era has been gradually strong and strong, the demand for the car is also a dissatisfaction with the status quo, China has become an important area of the automotive market, and even the public father has also been China The market has saved more than once.

The rapid development of China itself on the new technology and new car energy tolerance is relatively large, and relatively easy to develop. Comparison with the history of the development of cars in Europe and America, the car energy through the gasoline to diesel and then to the mixed and pure electric and other new energy, and to China seems to skip the diesel so a stage, and in just a few years in China Of the automotive industry has also been an unprecedented development, that is, such a fast-growing market for foreign brands have great tolerance and development prospects.

It is also in this fast-growing China, Tesla seems eager to want to seize the new energy in the high-end market, not only aimed at China is aimed at the world, because in China to build factories, to Tesla Not only bring the Chinese market, but also on the future market area.

From 2015 to now 2017 years, the development of Teng potential with BYD and many other domestic new energy companies burst, facing the new energy policy of China's rapid development of the wind, occupy the absolute resources of the veteran brands are also relying on Joint venture in China plans or implemented, to establish a new energy research and development base and manufacturing, music, Wei and other new energy and other powerful investment in China are also quietly carried out. If this trend continues to develop, Tesla in the future market share will be less and less, although the technology is temporarily leading Tesla is also tough this two years of itching, if in such a two years, Tesla I am afraid that the storm constantly, can only watch the vacuum of the market resources to others can not guarantee their own.

Nearly two years, with the progress of science and technology and battery density continues to improve, Tesla has been noisy 400km life also slowly no advantage, domestic electric car mileage also reached a certain level, Geely, BYD , Beiqi new energy, SAIC passenger cars and other manufacturers have launched a batch of more than 300km mileage of pure electric vehicle models. More prominent is that BYD e6 and BYD cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz electric cars have also reached 400km driving mileage, and at the end of June this year, Beiqi new energy will be long life flagship EU400 officially launched, life mileage 60km / h constant speed driving situation is to reach 460km mileage.

Not only in the technical development of the accelerated, facing the policy of domestic brands also have an unparalleled price advantage. And Tesla minutes compared to millions of Model S, domestic pure electric brand life reached 400km models in line with China's new energy policy subsidies are generally not more than 200,000 yuan, single refers to the price point of view Tesla seems to have no Any advantage.

But also in 2015 to 2017 period, China for two consecutive years beyond the United States to become the world's largest new energy automotive market, supported by the Chinese policy, people will also be more and more demand for new energy vehicles, BYD also beyond Tesla Has become the world's first new energy car companies, coupled with the loss of the "Paris agreement" of the US new energy market seems to make Tesla very embarrassing can be described as worse.

The next year 2020, until the major companies ready to force the collective force of that era, Tesla this young brand under such pressure will be more dangerous, so Tesla can not afford to spend two years Time, whether technically or on the market, Tesla must once again break in order to keep the future market position. The face of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen such a super car brand on the Chinese market undercurrent, Tesla into China's advantage is a little bit of loss.

Tesla future market will go from here? What will be the best of the outbreak in 2020? We are just guessing, but in such a chance and new energy under the big cake, the Chinese auto industry is also the sword to go the rapid development of Pianfeng, in the future of the new energy market, we will see more Chinese enterprises Of the force.