Tesla former executive team effort to build

- Jan 13, 2017-

Although it is hard to live up to the dream of Jia Yue-ting, the Faraday Future (hereinafter referred to as "FF"), which has been dormant for more than two years in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, has not stopped.

Time is not too long, "behind closed doors," and finally in exchange for this year's first Internet eco-electric car FF91 turned out, and more than 2,000 elite global scientific research personnel to create this instantaneous detonation CES (International Consumer Electronics Show Will), just 36 hours to create an appointment up to 64,124 records. "This figure is already the number one luxury car and electric car book," said Lu Zhengyu, vice president of the music supercar (China) Co.

January 6, Faraday Future (hereinafter referred to as "FF") the most important base --- Cardinal research and development center, the reporter saw the first time FF R & D executives lineup. 6 heavyweight vice president, there are 4 people from Tesla, their goal is only one: Let the Chinese investment, overseas research team developed a new generation of super-luxury electric vehicles in mass production next year.

FF lineup: Tesla many executives to join

Gardina R & D center is located in an industrial area south of Los Angeles, a few gray buildings are not eye-catching, only the building front of the fish-shaped "FF" signs to remind people that this is where.

As a former Nissan R & D center, where a few years ago was Jia Yue Ting bought, now more than 900 people from around the world more than 40 countries R & D personnel work here. Germany, Munich, the United States Silicon Valley, the domestic Shanghai, Beijing plus the other five plus a total of more than 2,000 people FF91 this new car development and effectiveness. Among them, Silicon Valley is mainly responsible for the direction of automatic driving and intelligent technology, batteries, inverter, design, manufacturing and supply chain and other major businesses are launched in the Gardena. Since the R & D center has been welcoming, in order to prevent leaks, all photographic camera have been declined, so it is almost hard to find online research and development of the plant's positive photos.

A huge TV screen placed in the audio-visual room, the reporter saw the FF's vice president of design Richard Kim, he was a founding member of BMW i Design, i3, i8 concept car's chief designer. It is no wonder that the founder of the car home would like to comment on FF when the BMW mentioned: "FF91 is more like i7, whether it is body layout, the way to open the door, interior design, like the BMW i series pure electric future flagship, XXL Version of the i3, performance is good enough. "But Richard Kim said," At present we just let everyone see the FF's appearance and part of the design, FF91 or with the BMW i7 has a big difference, and this difference in the future release Will be announced one by one.

FF's executives in the most can not be missing, in fact, the former Tesla company members.

Reporters inquiries public information found, as FF's product development and engineering senior vice president Nick Sampson, his resume and Tesla on. He was responsible for vehicle and chassis engineering under Tesla's founder, Elon Musk, and was one of the design leaders for Model X and Model S. After Tesla, he was the main R & D executive of Trexa, a technology company focused on electric car chassis. Trexa has developed the first open electric car chassis "Geodrive Platform" (also known as variable car platform), which can not help but think of the FF91 main push of the "VPA variable electric drive chassis architecture." And Geodrive Platform is exactly the same, VPA also has a modular chassis and battery design, flexible with power, anyone can build on this platform to build a new electric car. Nick Sampson is also familiar with energy storage, electronics, drive units, applications and controls. It is particularly noteworthy that he was the first of Tesla's former management to join FF in April 2014.

Alan Cherry, 23 years of automotive industry experience, senior director of human resources, former Tesla (2008 ~ 2012), will be the first to join the ranks of Tesla. In a short time in Picarro company for 1 year and 8 months later, in September 2014 he officially joined the FF.

Dag Reckhorn and Tom Wessner, vice president of manufacturing and vice president of supply chain, respectively, also has Tesla work experience, and the entry time for FF in October 2014, November. May 17 last year, worked for six years in Tesla James? Chen also announced the departure and joined FF, responsible for domestic and international government affairs and electric vehicle production.

Dag Reckhorn told reporters, "We (a few former Tesla colleagues) have known each other for a long time, Tesla during the work, in fact, no less R & D mistakes and now we want to be able to avoid Tesla had committed False, faster to build FF factory, so FF91 smooth mass production. "Of course, although the FF executives are almost all Tesla background, but they do not admit that they are imitating Tesla to create a new luxury car Product, FF91 is seen as a completely different technology, design imagination of the new Internet eco-electric vehicles.

In the FF inverter R & D workshop, a staff member told reporters, FF inverter is their own production, "We must ensure that this product is both efficient and reliable, so independent R & D and manufacturing. It requires high energy Density, volume should be as small as possible, thus leaving space for passengers.This product energy density higher than the average product by 30%. "At the same time, Tesla is the use of induction motors, and FF is the use of permanent "You see, we have a lot of wires on this product that can both increase the cross - section and reduce consumption.

In the battery design, FF is given a life of up to 700 km of technical route, the battery is small, but the energy density is 130% of competitors, beyond the Tesla, is also the industry rare.

The company is responsible for battery technology development office in the middle of the R & D center building, hundreds of seats are separated by a tight glass door, never open. One of the staff said, "This high-energy density of the R & D technology is also very demanding, with a strong technical challenge, one is how to make it longer life.FF hope that the battery can have 15 Year or even longer use of time.

Battery design, FF91 also adhering to a number of battery packs in parallel with the design features. The battery modules are housed in a compact 6-cell battery cell, which is connected to a safe, compact matrix, dramatically increasing vehicle mileage and reducing excess space. "For us, the stability of the battery temperature is critical, which is a major problem in the industry." The battery R & D personnel, told reporters that the unique cooling design, the coolant continued throughout the system cycle to achieve rapid cooling, Ensure that the cell temperature is consistent.

Electronic control network real-time monitoring of battery module performance, balance the temperature, in a component failure, activate the emergency plan. The ballistic-grade aluminum housing maintains a balanced weight, reduces body center of gravity, and seals the battery pack. The impact area of the battery pack can further protect the battery pack from potential damage.

In the door appearance of the experimental base, the reporter also noted that the FF91 has a sensing device on the car door. If there is a surrounding fire hydrant or other pedestrians, FF91 can automatically monitor and close in advance to avoid collision. You seem to think of it as a larger version of the children's toy electric car, which will automatically avoid cornering or pedestrians. "FF91 as a smart electric car, in the design concept and technology show, it is clear ahead of the traditional car brand design concept car, which is definitely worthy of recognition." Lee would like to comment on this.

Temporary factory planning in progress

As the major shareholder of FF91 Jia Yue Ting Hao Hao gas, then the new car should be mass production in 2018, which in the automotive, new energy history, there has been almost no. Take Tesla, for example, it took five years to launch the first car Roadster. In contrast, FF's history is too short: just set up in 2014, announced the end of 2015 in North Las Vegas, Nevada construction of North American manufacturing base, with a total investment of 1 billion US dollars, while access to Nevada State 335 million US dollars of tax and financial incentives, but the start is not very smooth, halfway there have been supplier disputes, local government officials questioned a series of events. FF has announced the completion of the first phase of construction, the second phase of construction in March this year around.

The total area of up to 950 hectares FF factory, but a large number of earth and stone clean-up is completed, to achieve land formation, signal tower relocation, fences and temporary facilities structures work "virgin land", want short-term mass production difficulties. This is also a large number of media questioned Jia Yue Ting called "2018 production" does not meet the common sense of the reason.

So, in order to complete the production plan, whether there are other alternatives?

Dag Reckhorn disclosed to reporters, the company is considering a flexible program, "I will first propose (this program), the company executives to assess."

The temporary solution is that the company will choose a small area also in Las Vegas, the early construction of large-scale production line for FF91 small batch production, where the R & D design, production and supply chain will be copied and handed over to the future Large factories to use.

"We do the FF91 is aluminum alloy body, in the product manufacturers and aluminum body almost, there will not be much disparity.We will also put the powertrain on this new plant, which covers the electronic components, motors, Battery packs and other production, that is, the establishment of a small assembly plant.

Tom Wessner also said that the development of electric vehicles and traditional repairer is different. Traditional depot has its own product design capabilities, this design to the supplier can create their own products you want, but a new electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are required to jointly design and development, "give a simple , The Chinese suppliers have the capacity to produce castings and electronic components, but not necessarily design capability, so the FF91 will be in volume production in 2018, but all product design, performance, quality and production processes must Which is why the team will not FF91 FF91 announced mass production FF91 specific timetable. "This also shows that now just completed the land formation of the Las Vegas plant if not in the Short-term construction, will seriously delay the delivery time of FF91, so a new alternative is likely to be selected.

"We need to do a lot of work before mass production, so it's not as good as small-volume production," says Dag Reckhorn, a small-volume product that includes production, supply chain and other validation for future mass production Lay the foundation. Therefore, FF91 will consider all the components in one place, self-built body, such as spraying workshop.

He also said that many suppliers with Tesla are willing to cooperate with the FF91, "EV (electric car) is clearly the future direction of car development.Moreover, we have a very young, energetic senior scientific research, manufacturing personnel , And the Tesla supply chain, the cooperation will be more smoothly before the Tesla product delivery later, we hope to correct the error before, so FF91 quality assurance in the premise of complete delivery to the customer.