Tesla MODEL 3 finally came to the real appreciation

- Aug 01, 2017-

Tesla MODEL 3 finally came to the real appreciation

Last year on March 31, Tesla for the first time to the outside world to show its new entry-level sedan MODEL 3. Although the release is not the final production version, but this pre-sale price of 35,000 US dollars from the electric car still won the attention of many fans, in the limit of each booking up to 2 MODEL 3, Tesla declared Harvested more than 50 million to pay 1,000 US dollars (8,000 yuan) of the order.


Although over the past year or so there will be a lot of MODEL 3 may bounced off the voice, Tesla's stock prices due to delivery of less than expected, poor safety test results and other reasons there was a large decline, but the final Sri Lanka did not like the original launch of MODEL X delayed 18 months listed, and even the delivery date of MODEL 3 than Maske had promised in September also some of the earlier, completely cure the "delay".

Tesla in the local time on July 28 delivery of 30 new cars, although the first owners are Tesla staff, but at least let everyone finally see MODEL 3 real body.


Production version MODEL 3 completely extended last year Tesla given shape design, "Voldemort" front face modeling and MODEL S, MODEL X consistent, with the irregular LED headlamps group, looks a bit Porsche taste. From the side of the picture, MODEL 3 is Cross style, although the ground clearance seems to be lower than the average car, 1443mm height is not cross-border, but because of the hatchback half of the shape and higher waist, or let MODEL 3 some maverick, no engine can also let it have before and after the two storage space, but compared to the larger size of the MODEL S was significantly shrinking a length.1501468375331055256.jpg

There are several details worthy of attention: Tesla did not follow the more convenient hatchback tailgate, MODEL 3 can only open the part of the trunk cover, and no electric opening and closing function; and quite a sense of technology out of the pop-up door handle It is replaced by the tilt of the body tilt, you can imagine in the portable heavy objects will not be too convenient, the two parts of the changes are largely controlled costs and reliability considerations; as MODEL 3 choose to use the phone as a key be avant-garde Try, and an unlock card will be a supplemental emergency program. In addition, I noticed that the current delivery of MODEL 3 mostly selected a better look at the 19-inch wheels, but the daily practical point of view of the 18-inch version is enough, after all, it did not have the body of the air suspension.

In the car part, MODEL 3 did not surprise. As before the information revealed, Tesla boldly canceled the dashboard and the control button, leaving only the front of the central 15-inch touch LCD screen, although the size of the data than the MODEL S and MODEL X in the control screen slightly Small, but due to the use of horizontal furnishings, coupled with the horizontal width of MODEL 3 itself is only 1849mm, so it is particularly special atmosphere.1501468375222082775.jpg

Obviously one thing is that there are only two pulleys on the steering wheel, and all driving information, air conditioning systems and entertainment functions are transferred to this screen, and the driver's sight will leave the road when driving. Tesla gives the solution is AutoPilot - on the MODEL 3, there is a direct AutoPilot gear block. However, although the car already has seven cameras and 12 radar sensors, but want to open can automatically adjust the speed, keep the lane driving, automatic lane, highway cutting, away from high-speed and automatic parking AutoPilot function need additional Paid $ 5,000 alone, and would like to use a complete autopilot will have to add $ 3,000 - of course, the premise is the location of the policy to support automatic driving, the current point of view, the United States has this condition in California.

Surprisingly, MODEL 3 has a good interior space. Although its 4694mm length and 2875mm wheelbase is the standard wheelbase version of the Mercedes-Benz C-class and BMW 3 Series level, but thanks to the need to install the engine and transmission system, so Tesla is very easy for the MODEL 3 layout close to the long Wheelbase medium-sized luxury car rear space, and flat floor and plenty of storage volume is also very practical part.1501468375409031599.jpg

From the information given by Tesla, the $ 35,000 MODEL 3 will also have a 15-inch touch LCD screen, dual zone automatic air conditioning, automatic anti-glare rearview mirror, rear seats down, reversing images and WiFi network. But the optional $ 5,000 luxury package is still necessary, it will bring heated electric leather seats, advanced sound system, and glass roof - Tesla in MODEL 3 designed through the windshield to the transparent car Top, although there is a cut off the middle, but from the picture is still very open. Also add that you are in the news to see the stunning multi-coated red, deep blue, cold silver and pearl white and other paint colors, need to pay an additional $ 1,000 optional.


This is only part of the cost, after all, 35,000 US dollars entry model only 354km mileage, 0-96km / h acceleration is also "only" 5.6 seconds, want to upgrade to more powerful powertrain MODEL 3 have to pay 9,000 US dollars, so You can have 499km mileage and 5.1 seconds 0-96km / h acceleration results, super charge pile can also be raised to half an hour to enter 273km mileage. It can be explained that, MODEL 3 has been used for more energy density 21700 battery, in the new battery management system, Tesla said the battery pack in driving 48 million kilometers after only 5% of the attenuation, taking into account the current domestic On the electric car to take 15 years of mandatory retirement measures, which can almost reach its use limit.

MODEL 3 from the Chinese consumers are not far away, according to plan next year will be the supply of domestic market supply, after all, rumors here is its pre-orders in addition to the largest source outside the United States.1501491507723002128.jpg

But want to digest the planned number of 500,000 units by 2019. Tesla needs to increase capacity: the Fremont factory purchased from Toshiba and Gigafactory will assume this responsibility. Maske believes that by the end of this year will be able to reach 5,000 per week capacity, next year this figure will be raised to 10,000 per week, to achieve an annual capacity of 500,000 height. In order to achieve this goal, in the engineering design MODEL 3 to reduce the complexity of the elements, while the procurement of parts in the global supply chain.

However, in the case of Tesla settled in China there are doubts, the previous entry into the domestic MODEL 3 should still have to rely on imports - which means that it needs to pay a separate value-added tax, customs and freight, the final entry-level models of bare cars The price is likely to reach the threshold of 350,000 yuan, the optional high with the model price will reach 500,000. If MODEL 3 to maintain such a position, will be significantly higher than the Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi's medium-sized car, for the popularity of Tesla is not good, and if the domestic then the problem can be solved, pay VAT after MODEL 3 can be pulled down to 28 Million start, so as to allow more people willing to pay the bill.

It is foreseeable that, with the debut of MODEL 3, will let Tesla higher frequency appear in the street. This is indeed a more acceptable electric car, of course, the price will be the decisive factor, but we can not ignore Tesla in recent years to create a good brand image and improve the ecological system - the existing super charge Station has reached 6124, this year will be able to break through the 10000 mark, and next year will add 5,000, while Tesla is also ready to promote mobile maintenance vehicles in the world, so that owners can solve the maintenance problem at home.


In order to give MODEL 3 way, Tesla is also the most drastic determination, directly cut down the entry version of MODEL S. However, the overall style, MODEL 3 and the predecessors are essentially different, although it is still strong, but closer to the domestic category, and MODEL S are Mercedes-Benz CLS, BMW 6 Series GC or Lexus GS with coupe attribute Of the car.

MODEL 3 can become Tesla into the ordinary consumer group stepping stone?

From the policy-oriented point of view, it seems that no doubt - France announced the ban on the sale of fuel vehicles by 2040, while Germany and India put this goal ahead of 2030, Norway and the Netherlands even plans to only 8 years after the sale of electric car. But this good news is also a double-edged sword: in the increasingly stringent emission standards, the traditional car prices have opened new energy roads, they have a deep R & D experience is Tesla is difficult to reach the depth, so MODEL 3 established Advantage of status may not be long-term to maintain.

Of course I will not ignore the contribution of Tesla, but it needs to have enough strength to prove that he is Apple instead of Dopod - many young friends have never heard of this HTC's smart phone, but it is more than the first generation IPhone also appeared two years ago, but now has disappeared.

In the next few years, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and even the Chinese brand of electric vehicles have been launched, MODEL 3 also want to maintain the status of today's leader, can not rely on Tesla's flagship - longer life and better Process is an indispensable element, especially in the quality of stability, Tesla also need to spend a lot of time to catch up with the pace of traditional car prices.

    to sum up:

It is foreseeable that Tesla MODEL 3, although not to mention the status of "national car", but it is indeed epoch-making significance. It is set off in the global context of the upsurge of consumers concerned about the new energy models of concern, this electric car stepping stone at least can play a role, as it is not worth buying - you have to have 35 million and a by Wall of the property rights parking ah.