The Cross border Competition of zhuhai yin long

- Jan 13, 2017-

"According to economic laws, an industry revolution, often dominated by outsiders completed, because the industry's enterprises may be difficult to reform their own lives." As a member of the electric car 100, the current School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Institute of Innovation, Tsinghua University Institute of Innovation and Development Executive Director Liu Taoxiong made such a conclusion.

Liu Tao-hsiung pointed out that the future of the bus industry must be a new energy bus alternative bus, and the future of the new energy bus industry leader, may be such a business - "This business is take-all.Take-all is that this enterprise from Take the industry chain, is the vehicle from the parts to the vehicle, all their own to do; Moreover, the enterprise from the field is also take-all, that is, passenger cars, commercial vehicles (of course, including buses) have done.

As an outsider of the passenger car industry - Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Company (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Yinlong), 2015, before entering the public eye. Is this new outsider, but maverick, whether it is technical route, or business model, or multi-party cooperation, after two rounds of financing the financial model, a variety of models are completely different from the traditional bus companies.

But the bus industry outsiders, but in 2015, 2016 sales of more than 6,000 pure electric buses, vehicles in the country more than 30 cities to operate. 2016 年 8 months, Gree spent 13 billion acquisition of Silver Long, is to Silver Dragon quickly become the focus of attention of the entire bus industry.

For a time, outside the circle, whether bus companies, industry experts or the media, are all asking, Zhuhai Silver Long who? What is the backing of this enterprise? Why can this company in the bus field quickly open up the situation? Why Gree and its owner Dong Mingzhu "fancy" it?

First, the "outsiders" Zhuhai Silver Long

On the passenger circle, the Zhuhai Silver Long really feel a little strange, which is its "outsiders" status. 2009 was established in Zhuhai Silver Long, neither the bus manufacturer, nor is the core of new energy vehicles related parts and components manufacturers, but "cross-border" into the field of new energy vehicles, not only the product has done very unique, and Performance growth is very rapid. 2016, become the bus industry's most eye-catching dark horse industry.

Into the bus industry jumped to the new energy bus industry top ten

Compared to the industry's old bus companies, as an "outsider" of the Zhuhai Silver Dragon's development speed is very fast. In 2014 September, Zhuhai Yinlong production of 12 pure electric antique tourist bus arrived in Beijing, this new new energy bus companies began to enter the public eye; but soon, by the end of 2015, its among the pure electric bus sales Top ten list.

In 2015, Zhuhai Yinlong achieved nearly 3,000 sales orders for electric buses, with sales amounting to nearly RMB4 billion. In the same year, it produced 3189 pure electric buses, with an accumulated growth of 2228% and a market share of 3.6%, ranking the first in the domestic pure electric bus industry. Seven.

In 2016, Zhuhai Yinlong's growth momentum to further accelerate. The first half of 2016 to complete the pure electric bus sales orders nearly 3,000, close to 2015 annual sales. As of the first half of 2016, Silver Long pure electric bus in bulk in Beijing, Qiqihar, Shijiazhuang, Baotou, Anshan, Xi'an, Handan, Zhuhai, Zhanjiang, Shantou and other domestic more than 30 cities to achieve batch operation, running time and mileage of the longest pure electric Model 10.5 m pure electric city bus. Up to now, Zhuhai Silver Long pure electric passenger car ownership in the country has reached more than 6,000 vehicles.

At the same time, Zhuhai Yinlong also with many cities of the bus companies to establish strategic cooperative relations. Such as Shijiazhuang Bus, Handan Bus, Beijing Public Transport Group, Yongzhou First Public Transport Company, Weixian Tongda Bus, Jieyang Lvyuan New Energy Public Transport Co., Ltd., Wu'an City Passenger Traffic Management Station, Qiuxian Ansett Bus Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., Wengyuan County Pegasus Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Dexing Car Rental Co., Moreover, the majority of its customers are located in the bus transport industry, passenger transport industry and car rental industry.

As we all know, the bus industry is a highly competitive industry, and the face of the bus users are often group users, bus companies often need years of operation in order to obtain recognition of each other. Why Zhuhai silver dragon can get so many bus company's approval? In particular, such as Beijing public transport users in the car on the very strict requirements, which makes a lot of old bus companies are discouraged. But as the bus industry, the new enterprise Zhuhai Yin Long, why Beijing will be able to access such public transport user recognition?

This may be related to the unique three models of Silver Long - technical model, financial model, business model, has a great relevance. It is with all bus companies have three different models, which allows Zhuhai Silver Long the outsider, can quickly become the car industry, the letter of the dark horse.

Second, the unique technical model: The reverse push to decide the way to go lithium titanate

(A) why take the road of new energy vehicles?

Zhuhai Silver Long in the discussion before the technical model, but also for the first to say that the reasons for its entry into the field of new energy vehicles. Why is it aimed at the field of new energy vehicles? Why Zhuhai silver dragon will bet on new energy? This is the new energy from the domestic passenger car industry, the rise of "Ten City 1000" project.

In January 2009, four ministries and commissions of the state launched the "Ten City One Thousand Vehicles" demonstration project. By providing financial subsidy, it plans to develop 10 cities every year for three years, and 1000 new energy vehicles will be launched in each city.

"Ten City 1000" model project, the state will give a clear subsidy policy, according to the different captain of the national subsidy to obtain the amount of different. In addition, many local governments have given a "1: 1" equal proportion of subsidies. For example, if the central and local governments in accordance with the "1: 1" equal proportion of subsidies, each more than 10 meters pure electric bus in addition to access to national financial subsidies of 500,000 yuan, but also access to local finance 500,000 yuan Subsidies, a total of 100 million.

Such a subsidy policy attractive enough, but also quickly brought a hot market. In 2015, the domestic pure electric bus production output growth, the annual production of electric buses to 88,248, an increase of 584%, compared to 2014, the net increase of 75,000, the market hot, so a large number of bus companies And the industry outside the enterprise are actively enthusiastic to join them.

Zhuhai Silver Long has become one of them. "Throughout the country at the time of the new energy industry demonstration and promotion of preferential policies and the national auto industry revitalization adjustment plan, investment in industrial investment since 2009, Zhuhai Yin Long began to build ideas to build lithium battery materials, lithium batteries, electric vehicle powertrain, the whole Production, sales, technology as one of the new energy cycle of closed-loop industry chain. "Zhuhai Yin Long relevant person in charge so frankly.

It is also the emergence of new energy bus hot market, in addition to many traditional bus companies to enter the field of new energy buses, but also to the Zhuhai Silver Long such "outsiders" a new opportunity.

(B) Why should take the road of lithium titanate?

As the core of the new energy vehicles, "three power system," the first of the power battery, the level of its level, determine who will remain invincible in the future. The Zhuhai Silver Long to force the battery on the first forced open the market, also need to choose a more suitable for the market, more hope to take the lead in achieving commercial operation of the technical line.

And other parts industry is different, the battery is one of the key to success or failure of materials. When the Zhuhai Yin Long intend to attack the power battery market, the power battery market, there are already a variety of different technical routes, not only lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium batteries also have ternary materials, as well as lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide and titanium Acid lithium batteries.

After a series of investigations and studies, Zhuhai Yinlong that the market is not common lithium titanate batteries, compared to the pure electric bus matching the highest proportion of iron phosphate lithium battery, the advantage is more obvious, more prominent.

Zhuhai Silver Long found that lithium titanate batteries in safety, service life, charging time, operating temperature range, performance is more prominent, only its energy density ratio slightly lower than the lithium iron phosphate battery. In particular, the lithium titanate battery is more suitable for fast-charge mode, because the battery without SEI insulating film, the first cycle of no capacity loss, and fast charge on its cycle life less affected, full power only 6 minutes, thermal stability , Cycle life can be up to 10 years.

At the same time, although the cost of single lithium titanate batteries than lithium iron phosphate high cost, but in the long run, lithium titanate lithium battery life is 5 times the life of lithium iron phosphate; In addition, lithium titanate batteries with 10 Within minutes of fast charging advantage, more in line with the car can be used quickly refueling, and can use the bus stop time for fast charging, without the need for slow filling that vehicle parking space.

In order to be prudent, Zhuhai Silver Long still put into operation before the vehicle batch test operation comparison of lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate two types of battery power for the actual comparison. 2010, Zhuhai Yinlong Zhuhai public transport in the trial put 10 loaded lithium iron phosphate battery of pure electric vehicles, and has been put on the market nearly 2,000 vehicles loaded with lithium iron phosphate battery bus tracking and analysis found that every The average monthly vehicle failure rate of about 6%, failure is mainly due to battery capacity degradation caused by deterioration in battery consistency. In contrast, the loading lithium-ion battery bus failure rate is significantly reduced, the average monthly failure rate per vehicle is about 0.5%.

Comprehensive battery theory and the actual operating conditions of the vehicle, Zhuhai Silver Long lithium battery last choice of the development of lithium battery line, in order to take full advantage of its fast charge, long cycle life, high security, wide temperature performance advantages, out of their own Of the differential path.