The first graphene lithium five rechargeable batteries released a difficult product of cobalt products

- Feb 25, 2017-

January 2017 domestic sales of new energy vehicles plummeted Qicheng, the major car prices are waiting to see, waiting for "filing directory" and the completion of the policy. This week, Beijing took the lead in the release of new energy vehicles in 2017 subsidy standards, I believe that Beijing's new energy car market will gradually improve. In addition, this week the lithium industry news of concern Beijing Bi Century Technology Co., Ltd. released the first graphene lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, cobalt prices are still a difficult to wait for a soaring. Then look at the following, OFweek lithium grid for your finishing a week to hear what wonderful content!

Industry synthesis

1. Beijing new energy vehicle subsidy standards officially introduced

February 17, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other five departments jointly issued "on the adjustment of Beijing demonstration application of new energy vehicles related policies notice", the provisions of 2017 Beijing demonstration application of new energy passenger car financial subsidy standards in accordance with the central The 50% subsidy of the subsidy of the financial bicycle, the total amount of the financial subsidy of the state and the city does not exceed 60% of the vehicle sales price.

New standard and the old standard difference, in the "new energy vehicles in Beijing, the new standard of the introduction of new changes? "A text in detail.

2. Ningde era of new technology to the end of this year to the market charge 10 minutes battery life of 300 km

The development of electric vehicles has become an irresistible trend, but still faces high cost, convenience is not enough, and customers in the reliability, security, there are three major challenges and other challenges.

Ningde era president Huang Shilin recently said in an interview, Ningde era will strive to reduce production costs, to achieve the 2020 electric car prices and traditional fuel vehicles comparable, or even lower. In terms of improving convenience, it will develop a more mature battery fast charge technology, with the needs of the deployment of specialized centralized charging station to meet the market for long-distance travel short-term charging needs. At the same time, gradually increase the battery energy density, improve the life of electric vehicles mileage. Before the end of the introduction of new technologies, for electric vehicles to achieve charging 10 minutes to run 300 km.

3. The world's first graphene lithium-ion rechargeable batteries come out

China's first engaged in graphene technology research and development of Beijing Carbon Century Technology Co., Ltd. held graphene lithium-ion rechargeable batteries on behalf of the five storage products, which is China's first graphene lithium-ion rechargeable batteries on the 5th. Compared with the ordinary 5 batteries, rechargeable batteries, the battery has obvious advantages, can be recycled more than 30,000 times, can be used in -45 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ environment, these properties are ordinary batteries can not and. The most important thing is that the battery can be mass production, product release also represents the official market.

4. large suppliers "out of stock" cobalt price doubled "a cargo difficult to find"

February 22, the reference price of metal cobalt is 377,000 yuan per ton, and in four months ago, October 22, 2016, metal cobalt offer at 22 million, during which the price of cobalt rose more than 70%. On February 1, the price of metal cobalt was only 295,000 yuan per ton, this month has risen about 25%. But even if the price has risen sharply, but the supply of cobalt products is still very tense.

February 22 afternoon, the reporter contacted the Huayou Cobalt sales department, the other reply, cobalt oxide, cobalt oxide and other products have all stopped the offer, "out of stock, suspended offer." "How to get the goods?" "Now out of stock."

Huayou Cobalt is one of the largest cobalt suppliers in China. Reporters then call the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the situation is similar.