The future of three yuan battery expansion will be mainly from the recovery of cobalt

- Jul 31, 2017-

At present, the battery metal material supply and demand imbalance is gradually emerging. With the new energy vehicles downstream demand gradually clear, the domestic power battery manufacturers 2016-2017 have expanded production capacity, especially the expansion of the three yuan battery, to further enhance the demand for cobalt.

Earlier, analysts said, 2019 years before the cobalt industry is difficult to put a large mine production. Relevant data also show that the global cobalt supply in 2017 is expected to 108504 tons, the global cobalt consumption of 113,300 tons, the gap of 4820 tons.

Zhongzhi know, waste power lithium batteries can be recycled cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium and iron and aluminum and other metals. So the shortage of material resources in the context of increasingly serious, the necessity of power battery recycling more prominent. But the current domestic power battery recycling is still in its infancy, although the current market is still facing the technology is not mature, lack of economy, recycling channels have not yet established, the recovery of small and many other problems.

July 28-29, the senior lithium power host, Jiangyin municipal government support, the Soviet Union Huicheng co-organized the "Tenth Engineering Lithium Industry Summit Forum" in Jiangsu Jiangyin City, a grand curtain, from the industrial chain of the sub-areas Domestic and foreign leaders, policy makers, industry experts and scholars and other ultra-500 guests to discuss the new energy vehicles and power battery industry in the new industry cycle under the opportunities and challenges.

Dr. Zhang Yuping, Deputy General Manager of Greenfield

Dr. Zhang Yuping, Deputy General Manager of Grinmei Co., Ltd., delivered a wonderful keynote speech on "New Energy Power Battery Life Cycle Value Chain".

"As a driving force for new energy, the future growth demand for cobalt metal is mainly from the new energy vehicles." Dr. Zhang Yuping said that in 2020, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid power production capacity will reach 2 million, Demand will reach 20,000 tons.

According to reports, Greenberry based on the concept of environmental protection and recycling, deep plowing and dismantling and recycling business, has been the layout of the formation of the "battery recycling - raw material recycling - material recycling - battery pack recycling" life cycle value chain, also has the world's leading Electronic waste and scrap car recycling base.

At the same time, the United States and the United States rely on a complete recovery system, large lithium cathode material size, "urban mine + new energy materials" up and down the integration structure for the profitability of the protection.

"Green America through the mining of urban mines, the annual recovery of 5,000 tons of cobalt metal, more than the amount of cobalt mining in China." Dr. Zhang Yuping said that with the future expansion of ternary power batteries, cobalt metal sources will mainly come from the recycling sector.1280px-Limetal-800x600.jpg

It is understood that the current Green to Jingmen as the center, 17 early production of three precursor precursor NCA and NCM products are Kaili Ke, Yuyao base, Jingmen three production bases, a total capacity of 20,000 tons; cobalt oxide production capacity of 12,000 tons, cathode material production capacity About 12,000 tons. In the long run, by 2020 the company is expected to increase the precursor capacity of 60,000 tons, cathode material production capacity of 30,000 tons.

For the future strategic layout, Dr. Zhang Yuping said that Green will be based on the original battery recycling system, focusing on the layout of power battery recycling business. Through the self-built channels, cooperation with the battery manufacturers and car manufacturers, etc., to explore with the new energy automotive supply chain system linkage of the new power battery recycling business model.