The future will be a new application scenarios

- Feb 23, 2017-

Was Nanfu battery backdoor ST Ya Jin, on February 9 to do the news of the market, like a burst of strong winds, blowing a new three board secondary market this pool has long silence of the stagnant water.

In the new three board increasingly deserted, market makers enthusiasm diminished, many companies have to withdraw from the market, a billion market value of enterprises suddenly announced to do the market, so Xiaobian firmly believe that 2017 China's new three board market maker meeting held, significant The

ST Asia Jin to turn the city's second trading day, the stock fell 14.58%, compared with the previous trading day market value of 1.16 billion. As of today's close, the market value of 9.601 billion yuan, still less than 10 billion when the additional valuation. In the new three-board market in the market value of the fourth, second only to China's excellent car, Huaqiang Fang special, child king, called the new three board market one of the four kings.

Nanfu battery investment logic is what it is worth worth 10 billion? Xiaobian see the market there are still very big differences.

Among the four major king of the South King battery in the end worth worth 10 billion?

Nanfu battery operating can hold up ten billion valuation? Nanfu battery how much money?

In 2014, CDH invested approximately US $ 600 million to acquire 78.775% stake in Nanfu Battery. According to the transaction price estimates, Nanfu battery valuation of 4.7 billion yuan.

At the beginning of 2016, Nanfu battery backdoor is completed, the controlling shareholder of CDH then initiated 1.1 billion shares of the plan, diluted 30% stake in the market raised 2.763 billion, of which 1.7 billion for the purchase of the remaining 40% stake in Nanfu battery. In this set of acquisitions, CDH in accordance with the annual 500 million profit, 20 times earnings valuation, valuation reached 10 billion yuan. According to the 2014 earnings data, according to the shareholders' equity method, the total equity of Nanfu Battery was RMB4.43 billion.

February 9, 2017, ST Asia Jin began to do the market, although after the market experienced a crash, there are still 9.6 billion market value. What is the difference between the market, Nanfu battery operating conditions can hold up ten billion valuation?

Nanfu battery is the leading battery market, but over the past 10 years, to lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries as the representative of the battery has become the battery industry outlet.

From the whole industry point of view, the battery has indeed been out of the industrial outbreak period. According to the China Light Industry Federation, the national average monthly production of about 40 million alkaline batteries, the retail price of 2.5 yuan or so, it is estimated that the scale of the alkaline battery market is about billions of dollars, the possibility of further growth in the future has not Big. But the same period lithium battery shipments of about 350 million per month.

Many people because of the application of dry battery scene is changing, not optimistic about the battery industry. There have been many small batteries used in batteries such as radio, flashlight, etc. have disappeared, but there are also some new applications appear, such as razors, electric toothbrushes and so on. The current application of dry batteries, including medical equipment, electric toys, remote control, computers, cameras and other household appliances.

The future will be a new application scenarios, or the existing application scenarios continue to shrink, it can be said to determine the future of the battery industry.

Although the industrial outbreak period has passed, but the dry battery is a continuous consumable, the market demand is very stable. Which makes Nan Fu's operating conditions and cash flow are very stable.

From the financial data can also be seen Nanfu "stable" features. According to the 2016 mid-year report, the company revenue of 1 billion yuan, net profit of 150 million yuan, the acquisition is expected in the next 3 years to maintain about 4% -5% growth. The next three years of revenue estimates are as follows:

Among the four major king of the South King battery in the end worth worth 10 billion?

In addition to the financial situation is relatively stable, Nan Fu also has a hidden advantage - channel. Alkaline battery industry technical barriers are not high, brand, price and channel is the product sales process of the dominant factor. Nanfu in the country has 1.8 million sales outlets, if you can play a channel advantage, the future Nanfu channel can sell things will not be limited to dry batteries, which is one of the reasons for people optimistic about Nanfu.