The major lithium battery manufacturers fighting the era of fighting Germany and Germany to make BYD pressure

- Aug 01, 2017-

The first half of this year, the domestic new energy vehicle market surging, as a new energy car "heart" of the battery with the ups and downs. Due to subsidies to adjust the policy, the new energy vehicle sales were plunged into a trough, power battery affected by the "late spring." However, this does not affect the major lithium battery manufacturers fighting in the case of increased competition have accelerated the pace, ahead of the layout against the next peak.

The major lithium battery manufacturers fighting the era of fighting Germany and Germany to make BYD pressure1501548823939009350.jpg

Whether domestic or foreign, automotive electricization unstoppable In July this year, France, the United Kingdom announced that it will be fully banned since 2040 gasoline and diesel vehicles, when the market only allows electric vehicles and other new energy and environmentally friendly vehicle sales. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology in April this year jointly issued a "long-term development plan in the automotive industry," proposed "in 2025 China's auto production will reach 35 million or so, new energy vehicles accounted for more than 20% "Expectations and goals, which means that in 2025 China's new energy vehicle production and sales target of 7 million. As the world's largest car market and the largest new energy vehicle market, China's new energy vehicle sales in the first half of this year increased by 14.4% to 195,000, China's total car sales accounted for 1.5%.

The next few years, the new energy automotive industry there is a huge space for development, whether it is new energy vehicles or power batteries, and now the market pattern does not mean that the future market structure, a new round of competition has just begun. New energy automotive industry chain in the vehicle, batteries, materials, equipment and even upstream mineral enterprises are to seize the new opportunity, the influx of capital in various ways. As the core components of new energy vehicles, power battery competition unprecedented intense.

Some experts have pointed out that the domestic new energy vehicles and power battery industry to this year, there have been technical disputes, Sino-foreign dispute, resource disputes and so on.

Princes hegemony

Recently, the reporter was informed that the power battery manufacturer Ningde era and Apple is under a confidentiality agreement based on the project cooperation, the power of the battery field of dark horse, the limelight and even overshadowed the domestic new energy chief BYDi.

This year, Ningde era big action again and again, in the field of power batteries to dominate the ambition clearly. Not long ago, Ningde era and SAIC marriage set up two joint ventures, to further improve the new energy industry structure. In addition, the Ningde era has started listing counseling, want to leveraging the capital market to accelerate the layout of the field of power batteries, the market value is expected to more than 80 billion yuan.

Set up only six years of Ningde era, with the rapid development of China's new energy winds, through the lithium iron phosphate and three lithium two legs to walk, into the BMW Brilliance, Geely, Beiqi, Yutong, Jinlong, SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile and other car battery Supplier list. Recently, Hyundai Motor also chose Ningde era as the first Chinese battery supplier. In addition, Volkswagen is choosing a battery supplier for its electric car, while the Ningde era is one of the suppliers of mass talks.

Many car prices poured into the order to promote the market share of Ningde era of rapid rise. Originally ranked third in the world, the domestic second-ranked Ningde era, the first half of this year even overtake international ranking second, the first domestic BYD. According to the real lithium research statistics, the first half of 2017, Ningde era electric car battery installed capacity of 1312.4MWh, in the domestic power battery market share reached 20.98%, beyond BYD became the first. Over the same period, BYD electric car battery installed capacity of 1084.9 MWh, the market share of 17.35%.

In the face of menacing Ningde era, BYD pressure. To create a closed production chain BYD, its power battery and their own new energy vehicles tightly tied together. The first quarter of this year, BYD new energy vehicles production and sales and battery capacity are down. BYD quickly introduced new models and other measures, in the first half to 34634 sales to regain new energy car sales champion, power battery installed capacity also will rise. It is noteworthy that BYD in June vehicle battery installed capacity has been approaching the Ningde era, the month for the 418.8 MWh, the same period Ningde 428.5 MWh, and both May vehicle battery installed capacity of 218.6 MWh and 331.7 MWh, there are more Big gap.

As the first from the battery to the vehicle complete industrial chain car prices, BYD vertical production model of its global sales of new energy vehicles champion failed. BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu previously accepted the first financial reporter interviewed talked about, BYD in the battery, motor and electronic control and other aspects of a number of technologies in the lead, the enterprise from the battery, gearbox, motor, electronic control, etc. are their own production, not only Is to save costs and improve efficiency, the most fundamental or in the industrial transformation of the subversion of the rapid integration of innovation.

However, BYD power battery operating mode of the limitations are gradually highlighted, especially in the new energy vehicle sales this year was down. Although BYD launched a new energy vehicle for the four major areas such as city bus, taxi, road passenger transport, urban commodity logistics, urban construction logistics, sanitation vehicles and private cars, as well as warehousing, mining, airports and ports. 4 "the whole market strategy, but after all, is single-handedly fighting, in the face of increasing customer Ningde era, it is difficult to get rid of the situation of the outrageous. Therefore, this year there is news, BYD auto electronics business sector to consider the split independent operation, BYD power battery will be available to other car manufacturers. The plan is still in the discussion, BYD insiders recently accepted the first financial reporter said that the company has not yet decided to supply power battery to other car manufacturers.

At present, the first echelon of power battery is mainly BYD and Ningde era, other battery factory and the two power battery annual sales income of billions of enterprises there are still gaps. However, the second echelon of Waters, Guoxuan Hi-Tech and other lithium battery manufacturers are also accelerating snatching the market cake. In June, ranked third and fourth Waters and Guoxuan Hi-Tech, battery installed capacity were 163.7 MWh and 160.8 MWh, respectively, and May Guoxuan Hi-Tech to 142.9MWh leading Waters of 118.4MWh, the second echelon competition Is also particularly intense.

Walter Ma is seeking innovation from the business model innovation, the enterprise led, with the upstream and downstream enterprises new wave of capacity, the people rich Woeng more than 1,000 members of the enterprise Baotuan formation Waters new energy automotive industry innovation alliance.

In response to the need for local governments to promote new energy vehicles and support the development of the industry, the members of the Walter Union coalition enterprises to provide integrated urban traffic electric solutions to assist local governments to develop new energy vehicles 5 years to promote the application plan to promote urban buses, Logistics vehicles, commuter cars, coaches, taxis, network cars and other areas of electric floor to run, and now with Fuzhou, Fuzhou, Qujing, Yunnan and other cities signed, and strive in the next 5 years, the city signed 30% of the traditional local fuel Car, will be produced by the Union within the car to replace the new energy vehicles.

The first half of this year, Waters innovation alliance action frequently, has received from Dongfeng, Hubei new Chu wind, Shenlong bus, the bus and other car purchase orders, Waters power battery sales have been more than last year. As for why the market growth, Waterma Innovation Alliance, chairman of Wal-Mart Battery Co., Ltd. Li Yao said that the alliance covers the raw materials, core parts, vehicle manufacturing and other new energy automotive industry chain, through the alliance Of the overall, can reduce the cost of about 15%, do not rely on local government subsidies for new energy.

In addition to Waters, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, the second echelon of the Vernon technology, BAK and other power battery manufacturers also have strong competitiveness, these power battery companies have launched a fierce offensive, coveted power battery dominance.

Structural excess

In the policy, capital and other factors driven by the domestic new energy automotive industry is undergoing major changes. This year, the new energy vehicle growth slowed down significantly, but this does not affect the power battery in the investment expansion on the triumph. According to high-performance research Institute of Lithium (GGII) statistics, from January to July this year, the domestic power battery investment expansion amount of more than 60 billion yuan (not including the intention to settle down and fund-raising projects), which put into operation enterprises in Suzhou, Billion Wei Li and other enterprises, expansion enterprises, including Ningde era, Yinlong, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, China Aviation and so on.

According to the current production growth rate, power battery has oversupply. Real lithium research data show that the first half of 2017 China's electric car market lithium-ion battery installed capacity of 6.25GWh, down 5.88%, mainly due to 1 to 4 months of new energy vehicles sold more bleak. Therefore, now a lot of power battery factory market prices are in an anxious state. However, the market is still facing high-end capacity, power battery structure of the situation is overcapacity.

The second half of this year, with the new energy car market gradually pick up, power battery pressure will be eased. The industry is expected, the third quarter of the terminal new energy vehicle production will be explosive growth in the second half of about 60% increase in upstream demand, lithium carbonate, cobalt, cathode materials, anode material prices in the third quarter, the probability of rising. Once the freezing point of the pure electric bus market is also considered to be thawed. Li Yao analysis pointed out that due to the adjustment of the directory, the new energy bus in the first quarter and other announcements on the directory, and the second quarter waiting for government bidding, starting from the third quarter, the new energy bus market will be active to promote power battery to warm up. In addition, pure electric vehicle traffic car will also become a strong growth point of new energy commercial vehicles, Jingdong this year, said five years to Jingdong logistics all electric, rookie network also made 5 years to promote 1 million new energy vehicle car planning. BYD, Ningde era and Walter Ma are accelerated to participate in pure electric power car power battery competition.

The opportunity to leave the prepared business. Insiders have pointed out that the energy density in the rapid increase, but the battery price has been compressed, cost-effective, profits have been greatly compressed, the future power battery is the main problem is to reduce costs, the core of the enterprise competition is the overall strength.

In the vehicle, the passenger car will be clearly distinguish between the level of mileage, the current domestic pure electric passenger cars 58% of the mileage in the 150 ~ 200KM between the mileage of more than 200 km in only 21% Positioning more chaotic, most of the product line take-all, and the international well-known electric vehicles there is a big gap.

2017 January-June recommended catalog models and supporting statistics show that in the passenger car battery supporting the high-energy density of the battery-based, but has not yet formed a few battery business monopoly. The industry believes that ternary lithium technology to enhance the space is still very large, fierce competition is about to begin.

In the bus, due to subsidies and mileage, etc., power battery prices, energy density, etc. become a very critical factor. At present, although the new energy bus and private car market is still in a more chaotic situation, especially in the field of special vehicles, due to the application market also started soon, a variety of more chaotic demand, models and battery matching are still in the adjustment and run-in period, but From 2017 onwards, the market is also changing, pure electric bus supporting the battery energy density increased significantly, 1 to 6 batches of recommended directory, there have been a large number of system energy density greater than 130Wh / kg models. Electric bus battery matching presents the trend of the giant take-all, such as Ningde era, Watima, Beijing Guoneng, Guoxuan and a few large number of large battery enterprises accounted for half of the assembly. Enterprises than not only the energy density and other technologies, as well as size, cost and other comprehensive strength.

In recent years, China's new energy vehicle market is growing rapidly, to promote the domestic power battery companies in technology and scale and so on by leaps and bounds. Not only the BMW, Hyundai and other traditional car giants favor the domestic power battery, even Apple's Internet forces such as the new forces began to cooperate with the Chinese power battery business.

Waters Research Institute Rao Mu Min accepted the first financial reporter interviewed that the new energy car prices choose battery manufacturers, often first consider the cost and safety. "Japan and South Korea power battery enterprises in the battery material development level, the level of equipment more advanced, and more concerned about the three yuan battery technology.However, from the market application, China has an advantage. Originally, we are positive, negative, raw materials mainly from Japan and South Korea imports, but now become the main domestic. "Rao Mu Min said, domestic power battery stability, safety, energy density, cycle life and other comprehensive strength on the progress quickly.

The industry believes that China's power battery demand in 2020 more than 150GWh, the market has a very broad space, power battery companies can layout high-end production capacity, while increasing the battery industry chain technology research and development, through battery design, process development, core raw materials, etc. breakthrough To seize the future market.