Tianyuan Group to be 100 million yuan to set up new lithium materials company to speed up industrial restructuring

- Mar 01, 2017-

February 28 announcement, "thirteen five" period is the group to speed up the "industrial transformation and innovation and development," the key period, the company is based on the "one wing" development strategy to speed up the four changes in the company's industry from chlor-alkali chemical to new materials , New energy battery and battery materials development of the two wings, through further optimization and improvement of industrial layout, enhance profitability, enhance the company's long-term value and expand the growth of space.

Announcement shows that in order to better realize the transformation and upgrading of the company, take the road of professional development, and quickly become bigger and stronger new energy lithium battery and lithium raw material industry, the company intends to set up an independent legal person lithium material company, to be registered company name Yibin Tianyuan Lithium-ion battery technology research and development, manufacturing, sales; non-ferrous metal ore mining, sales and sales of lithium-ion battery materials, chemical materials and chemical products, lithium-ion battery materials research and development, manufacturing, sales; The

Tianyuan Group said that the establishment of a subsidiary of the funds for the company's own funds, the establishment of subsidiaries is conducive to the company's transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment, in line with the company's long-term management needs for the future development of the company pave the way.