Wenjin Roundtable Forum Series on China 's Innovative Economic Development Seminar

- Jan 11, 2017-

Theme: Volkswagen Entrepreneurship, Peoples Innovation and New Engine of Economic Growth

Moderator: Xinhua News Agency, "Financial State Week" deputy editor Bian Zhuodan

Bianzhuodan: outside the cold and windy, we have prepared a cup of hot tea, we hope that today's meeting, but also like a cup of hot tea, warm the Chinese business community, In fact, we want to achieve public entrepreneurship, innovation is difficult. We all know that the financing of SMEs is difficult to start, this series of things are very difficult, but from the government level, our policies are tax, , As well as the innovative environment of such a problem, today we would like to ask you from these two aspects, to explore new economic development in China is related to such a big problem.