What is the future of the new favorite sodium battery?

- Feb 21, 2017-

The explosive growth of new energy vehicles led to the surge in production capacity of lithium-ion batteries, lithium resource shortage surge. At this point, with similar physical and chemical properties of the sodium ion battery by the industry's attention, is brewing a "seizure authority" plan. So, where is the sodium battery? And can replace the lithium-ion battery to become the new favorite? And see below.

What is the future of the new favorite sodium battery?

Lithium resources shortage worth all the way soaring

New energy automotive industry explosive development driven lithium demand, the current domestic power battery gap has reached 2Gwh or so, according to 1Kwh need 0.7kg lithium carbonate consumption estimates, lithium carbonate demand gap has reached about 1,400 tons. The global lithium reserves of the total conversion of lithium metal converted into up to 30 million tons, has proven to be mined lithium ore resources converted into metal lithium up to 15 million tons. According to the plan, in 2020 the domestic new energy vehicle production will reach 2 million, 2050 global demand for lithium will reach 40 million tons. By then, lithium as a scarce energy is difficult to meet the supply of new energy vehicles, the future supply and demand gap will be expanding.

Compared with lithium, sodium reserves are abundant, widely distributed, low cost, and lithium with similar physical and chemical properties, once the future lithium supply is not on, sodium ion battery will be completely replaced, successful host. So the past two years, sodium ion battery research by the industry wide attention.

What is the sodium ion battery?

The concept of sodium batteries began in the last century 80 years with lithium-ion battery almost simultaneously start. The working principle of the sodium ion battery is similar to that of the lithium ion. When charging, Na + is removed from the cathode material, and the electrolyte is embedded in the anode material. At the same time, the electrons are transferred to the negative electrode through the external circuit to maintain the charge balance.

In principle, the sodium ion battery charging time can be shortened to lithium-ion battery 1/5. Sodium ion battery is the most important feature is the use of Na + instead of the expensive Li +, in order to adapt to sodium batteries, cathode materials, anode materials and electrolytes and so on to make the appropriate changes. Compared to lithium elements, sodium ion battery has the advantage of rich resources, sodium resources accounted for 2.64% of the crustal element reserves sodium method is also very simple, so compared to lithium-ion batteries, sodium batteries will be more cost Advantages.

Although the sodium ion battery energy density is less than lithium-ion battery, but the current situation of high prices of lithium carbonate, sodium ion battery still has a very wide range of applications: the energy density is not demanding areas, , Wind power storage and other aspects of application prospects. The future of sodium batteries will gradually replace the lead-acid batteries, low-speed electric vehicles in various types of widely used, and lithium-ion battery to form a complementary.

Sodium ion batteries by the scientific community wide attention

Sodium ion battery application value has been more and more attention, in recent years, sodium ion battery by the scientific community of widespread concern, domestic and foreign related institutions continue to develop a major breakthrough.

In 2015, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics doctoral student Li Yunming, researcher Hu Yongsheng and other sodium-based batteries in the carbon-based anode material made a breakthrough, the use of more costly anthracite as a precursor, through simple grinding and one step carbonization has a Excellent storage of carbon properties of carbon anode material.

In April 2016, Suzhou University and the German Planck Solid State Institute researchers developed an anodic oxidation preparation of sulfur-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays, the self-supporting array of pipeline structure can not only provide more reactive surface, Greatly improve the electronic conductivity.

In August 1916, Xusheng Wang et al. Of Peking University synthesized a new type of metal sulfide negative material SnSSe by simple high temperature solid phase method, which showed excellent cycle performance and magnification performance.

In February 2017, the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences doctoral student Li Yunming, researcher Hu Yongsheng and other cheaper use of anthracite as a precursor to produce a sodium ion battery anode, through simple grinding and one step carbonization has a good storage capacity of carbon Anode material, for its further market-oriented application provides the possibility.

Battery companies have made force in the field of sodium batteries

Sodium ion battery prospects, the future will gradually replace the lead-acid batteries, low-speed electric vehicles in a wide range of applications, battery companies have prepared rain in the field of sodium batteries.

Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo Electric Industries in 2013 developed a low battery internal temperature can work even if the sodium ion battery. Because no cooling space, so the volume successfully reduced to the following lithium battery. The goal is to apply to residential batteries and pure electric vehicles.


On January 18, 2017, Chaowei Group and the United States General Electric Company combined with their respective industries, technological advantages, to jointly create a joint venture company to expand the application of sodium salt battery area, take the beach of the domestic energy storage market, a key step. After years of research and development, Durathon sodium salt battery technology to achieve commercialization, has been in 25 countries around the world, built solar, wind power portfolio, peak management, communications base stations and other energy storage projects.

BAK battery

BAK battery research and development of sodium ion battery has entered the pilot phase, for the low density of sodium ion battery technology continue to carry out technical improvements to reduce people's car costs. Sodium battery life cycle and safety are very good, once the success of the test will directly reduce the cost of power batteries. BAK battery said, a rainy day for the development of sodium ion battery is imperative.

Dongguan Maike

Dongguan Maike is developing a new type of sodium ion battery, the company has more than 50 series of sodium ion battery related papers and nine sodium ion core patent-based, has been in the sodium ion battery materials, platform construction and other aspects of a breakthrough Sexual progress, the new application for the invention of two patents. At the end of 2016, the team around the sodium ion battery organic and inorganic raw materials to enhance the performance, improve the production process and platform construction, to mid-2017 will be small-scale trial production is expected by the end of 2018 to complete small-scale applications.


Toyota's newly developed sodium ion technology can effectively enhance the mileage of electric vehicles, the maximum can reach an alarming 1000 km, and lower prices. Toyota's new battery uses sodium-based compounds as positive sodium ion batteries, the battery voltage generated by lithium-ion battery 30% higher. It is reported that Toyota is accelerating the study, is expected to be put into practical application before and after 2020. Once the battery is commercialized, the price will be lower than traditional lithium batteries.

Xiao Bian said

With the vigorous development of the battery industry, different technical lines of the battery has its own specific market segments, the future of sodium batteries in the public transport system and low-speed electric vehicle field will be a certain application. With the continuous progress of sodium ion battery research and development technology and process costs are decreasing, the future prospects of sodium ion battery market can be expected.