Who is the inventor of the battery?

- Nov 02, 2016-

In the 18th century SI、wushiniandai, discussion on the improvement of power generation equipment and atmospheric images, attract the wide interests of physicists, in 1745, Prussian Kleist using wire leads the conflict's glass bottle containing nails. When his hand touched the iron nail with the fierce blow.

May have been inspired by this discovery, masenbuluoke at the University of Leiden in 1746, made clear to collect the charge of "Leyden Jar". Due to the difficulties he saw gathered easily in the air gradually disappear, he wanted to find a more reserved approach. One day, he used a single barrel hangs in the air, motor and attached to the barrel, the other with a copper wire leads from the barrel and immersed in a glass jar filled with water, he let a hand a hand holds a glass bottle, masenbuluoke by swing motor. When his hand accidentally in another hand and hit the barrel, he suddenly felt a violent shock, cried. Masenbuluoke interchangeable with helpers, helper up motor, his water bottle in one hand and the other hand to touch the barrel.

In a letter, he described the test results:

"I want to tell you a novelty but the terrible reality of test, but I warn you not to repeat the experiment. …… Put the container on the right hand, I tried to use on the one hand and from the iron column of charging leads to spark. Suddenly, my hand was the great strength of impact, making my whole body shook, ... ... Arm and body has an indescribable feeling of fear. In a Word, I think my life grinds. ”

Masenbuluoke refuses to do this test, he concluded that: the electric charged in glass bottles can be preserved. Just don't know the effect of reservations at that time was the bottle is still in the bottle of water, then we put the storage bottle called "Leyden Jar", a test called "Leyden jar experiment". This kind of "shock" images found Cupertino, greatly increased attention to Leyden Jar.

Masenbuluoke warn has the opposite effect, everyone in the larger planning to repeat this test, sometimes the test into an arcade game. Everyone with a Leyden Jar discharge killing rats play, someone used it to alcohol and gunpowder. Nolette planning the most spectacular play was a demonstration of the French in front of the Notre-Dame de Paris. Nolette has invited members of the Royal family of the French King Louis XIV 15 spot to watch play. He transferred to 700 monks, let them hand in hand row line, 900-foot-wide, about 275 meters, the team is magnificent. The head monk with the hand holding the Leyden Jar, retreating monk holding a lead of the Leyden Jar, and Leyden Jar, 700 monks jumped with shock, all the people present was stunned. Nolette to convincingly explain to everyone about it's infinite power. They soon applied to medicine the motor through the body, used to treat hemiplegia, conditions such as neuropathic pain. This treatment has been used until after you get to understand the effects of electricity, just stop.