Yongxing Special Steel planned acquisition

- Jan 07, 2017-

Following the acquisition of shares can be ho-ho technology, the acquisition of technology to win after the Dongguan Yakang, who will become the third this year, the acquisition of lithium battery company listed companies equipment? The answer seems to be coming soon.

      August 16 evening, Yongxing Special Steel (002756) announcement that the company is planning to acquire the production of new energy vehicles related to the subject of lithium battery equipment matters, and hire intermediary professional guidance, plans to formally discuss the recent acquisition.

     Main stainless steel wire rods Yongxing Special Steel semi-annual report shows that the first half of this year operating income of 149,542.53 million, down 17.01%; net profit of 13,237.43 million, an increase of 8.36%, which attributable to shareholders of the parent company's net profit 13,237.43 million, an increase of 8.36%.

     The new energy vehicle market and power battery market, a strong demand for lithium-powered equipment directly stimulated the growth of the market.

     On the one hand because of the strong demand for lithium downstream, lithium equipment to promote capacity expansion to accelerate the platform for listed companies to more easily raise funds for the project, with the advantage of capital to seize the market, on the other hand in the industry boom of the future is expected to become the industry Leaders of listed companies to cooperate in the sale of assets is also a reasonable choice for business founders.

     Lithium-ion battery research institute (GGII) released a report that in 2015 China's lithium battery equipment demand of 12 billion yuan, an increase of 113.7%. With the new energy automotive market and battery companies continue to expand production capacity is expected to 2018 domestic demand for lithium equipment will reach 15.03 billion yuan, up by more than 3 billion yuan in 2015 net.

     It should be noted that, domestic lithium equipment business competition, technical differences, price wars have occurred. Lithium equipment business is expected to gradually reduce the number of the next three years, lithium equipment industry will enter a high-speed competition during the reshuffle.