48V10Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Founded in 2002,OptimumNano is one of the first domestic enterprises, who successfully developed LiFePO4 battery for New Energy Power , Engine Start and Energy Storage .

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48V10Ah LiFePO4  battery

No.ItemGeneral Parameters
2Standard capacity10AH
3Rated voltage51.2V
4Max. Charge voltage58.4V
5Discharge Cut-off voltage40V
6Standard charge current2-5A
7Max Continuous discharge current 10A
8Peak Instant Discharge Current30A(3 Seconds)
10Total weight(Approx.)About 6kg 
11Operate temperature-20°C~65°C
12Built-in Protection Circuit ModuleYES
13Cycle time2000 times at 1C, 80% capacity 

OptimumNano Low Speed Vehicles Battery Pack

Item NO.Battery TypeDimensionsWeightRemark
124V 10Ah373*121*86mm3KgAluminum Case
224V 15Ah403*150*48mm4KgPVC wrapped
324V 20Ah284*145*77mm5KgPVC wrapped
436V 10Ah388*121*86mm5KgAluminum Case
536V 15Ah303*132*92mm7KgPVC wrapped
636V 20Ah315*156*105mm9.5KgPVC wrapped
848V 10Ah212*174*90mm6KgPVC wrapped
948V 15Ah276*210*95mm7.5KgPVC wrapped
1048V 20Ah242*168*215mm13KgPVC wrapped
1248V 100Ah530*500*286mm70KgSteel Case Packing
1372V 20Ah320*145*230mm18.5KgPVC wrapped
1472V 30Ah375*223*220mm37KgSteel Case Packing
1572V 40Ah645*240*172mm42KgSteel Case Packing
1672V 50Ah550*285*175mm46KgSteel Case Packing
1772V 60Ah640*210*240mm60KgSteel Case Packing

1) Long cycle life, 2000 cyles which is 4-5 times than traditional SLA,Ni-MH or Ni-cd and Lithium. 
2) Enviromental friendly. No toxic 
3) Light weight. Much lighter than SLA battery. (Around 1/2 heavy of SLA) 
4) Good performance during charging and dishcaring. 
5)No memory effect,no explosion
6)High capacity

OptimumNano Introduction:
Founded in 2002,OptimumNano is one of the first domestic enterprises, who successfully developed LiFePO4 battery for New Energy Power , Engine Start and Energy Storage . With 563 patents, including 160 invention patents and 7 internationalpatents.
So far, more than 45,000 EVs have been equipped with our LiFePO4 Battery System , running in over 31 provinces and cities, And the LiFePO4 Battery Packs were exported to over 40 countries on six continents. We become the Top 3 in the domestic market with 26.6% market share.


Storage and Transportation:
1.Based on the character of cell, proper environment for transportation of LiFePO4 battery pack need to be created to protect the battery.
2.During transportation, 50% SOC must be kept to ensure that short circuit, appearance of liquid in the battery or immersion of battery in liquid never occur.
3.Battery should be kept at -20℃~45℃ in warehouse where it's dry, clean and well-ventilated.
4.During loading of battery, attention must be paid against dropping, turning over and serious stacking


Introducing advanced equipment, OptimumNano has been well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of 48v10ah lifepo4 battery. Our batteries are of high safety, high capacity, strong stability and long cycle life. With bulk batteries in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale good price battery made in China from us.

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