48V 200Ah Lithium Battery Packs for Electric Sightseeing Vehicle

High safety: CE UL approved, safest Li-Ion battery so far, with internal protection circuit board (BMS), no fire, no explosion

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Product Details

48V 200AH lithium battery packs for Electric Sightseeing vehicle

Product specification:

No.ItemGeneral Parameters
2Standard capacity200Ah
3Rated voltage48V
4Max. Charge voltage54.75V
5Discharge Cut-off voltage37.5V
6Standard charge current70A(0.35c)
7Max Continuous discharge current 100A
8Peak Instant Discharge Current200A(5Seconds)
750*412*365mm(include wheel size)
10Total weight(Approx.)About 115Kg 
11Operate temperature-20°C~65°C
12Built-in Protection Circuit ModuleYES
13Cycle time2000 times at 1C, 80% capacity 

Product features of OptimumNano li-ion battery: 

1. High safety: CE UL approved, safest Li-Ion battery so far, with internal protection circuit board  (BMS), no fire, no explosion

2. Green energy: no toxic material contained

3. Long life cycle: more than 2000 times deep cycle at 1C rate, 6-8 times of lead acid battery

4. No memory effect: highly efficient charge anytime, no reduction of capacity

5. Operation temperature: -20~65°C

6. Smaller size, lighter weight and high capacity: 1/2 size of lead acid battery, 70% size of Ni-MH Ni-Cd battery, 1/2 weight of lead acid battery

7. Good performance at high temperature and high temperature resistance

8. Low self-discharge rate: < 3% monthly

9. High cost performance

Excellent after-sales service:

1.2years' product warranty period 

2.Free logistic services .

3. Reply your inquiry in24working hours

4. Customized design is available, OEM and ODM are welcome.

5. Delivery the products to our customer at home and abroad with speed and precision

6.Offer customer the best price with high quality battery.

Packing & shipment: 

1.The LiFePO4 Battery has passed the UN38.3, according to the report ID: W10173003116D~1. 

2.The Lithium lron Phosphate Batteries are seperated when shipping to prevent short circuits.

3.All the OptimumNano LiFePO4 Batteries are strictly packed according to the General Packing Requirements of 5.0.2. 

4.Transport : battery packs can be transported by air, by shipped, by Passenger and Cargo Aircraft,as per the requirements of the customers.

Introducing advanced equipment, OptimumNano has been well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of 48v 200ah lithium battery packs for electric sightseeing vehicle. Our batteries are of high safety, high capacity, strong stability and long cycle life. With bulk batteries in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale good price battery made in China from us.

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