2016 New Energy Sales Of 320,000 Passenger Cars

- Jan 12, 2017-

According to the Association of manufacturers data, in December 2016 new energy passenger car sales reached 38,000, the overall growth rate of 2% year on year. 12 months of plug-in hybrid year-on-year growth performance is weaker than the pure electric car, pure electric passenger car up by 12% year on year, but the plug mixed down 25%, which is the purchase of new energy vehicles into the development bottleneck regional results, National policy alternative purchase policy as the development of new energy vehicles, the core driving force.

January-December 2016 new energy passenger cars overall sales of 32 million units, an increase of 84%. Of which pure electric car sales of 24 million units, an increase of 116%; plug-in mixed sales of 80,000 units increased by 26%.

New energy vehicles in 2015 after the high growth in 2016, the new energy passenger car market adjustment and development characteristics of the adjustment. 2016 in the first half of March-June new energy vehicles to gradually achieve the resumption of growth, in June 2016 sprint to 3.5 million units. The second half of 2016 July-October new energy vehicles in the 3 million units around the stable state of consolidation, waiting for further growth momentum. 2016 November-December policy support for new energy has improved, December new energy passenger car sales reached a high level of 38,000.

First, the new energy passenger car sales surge.

December new energy vehicle sales growth more fierce


16-year 3-6 month continued to move up the trend of suspension, 7-10 months into the stable period, strong in November, December into the end of the consolidation period. With the adjustment of new energy vehicles policy, passenger car market in the third quarter consolidation period, the growth rate has slowed down in November, the market gradually recovered in December to stabilize. December sales of new energy vehicles 37,999 units, up 15% in December of 37,137 units up 2% growth rate is the lowest in history, reflecting the end of the phenomenon of stabilization.

New energy vehicles over the years are the former low after the move up the trend of high-speed, 15-year chain in November compared to the relative surge in November. From 15 years since August, the new energy vehicle sales into the trajectory of the upturn, the end of 15 years are a monthly chain of several months of rapid growth in December is the chain of about million by storm, the market heat rapidly warming. January-March 16-year cooling is in line with the normal trend of the characteristics of the new energy vehicles in April-June to enter a 1.5-fold increase in the growth rate of 3 quarters of passenger cars slowed down in December, 3.8 million units At the end of the stabilization characteristics, the market remains to be activated.

December sales of new energy vehicles in the high-end structure


December new energy passenger cars showed low year-on-year growth rate and chain stability characteristics. 16 years in December new energy passenger car sales reached 38,000, the overall growth rate of 2%. December plug-in hybrid year-on-year growth performance is weaker than pure electric cars, pure electric passenger car by 12% year-on-year, but the plug mixed down 25%.

A00 electric vehicles in the pure electric performance slowed down, A-level cities to purchase the performance is still strong, the rental upgrade to slow down. December A-class electric vehicle growth rate of 2 times the performance of strong, which is the demand for Beijing and rental demand for effective pulling.

A00-class electric vehicles in the middle of this year after entering the seasonally adjusted period, December A00-class decline in the larger. December A00-level electric car chain in November by -39%, an increase of -27%.

16 years from January to December the overall sales of new energy passenger cars 32 million units, an increase of 84% growth rate is relatively healthy and reasonable. Of which pure electric car sales of 24 million units, an increase of 116%; plug-in mixed sales of 80,000 units increased by 26%. Plug-in 16-year performance is weak.

New energy vehicle sales structure changes rapidly


16 years of new energy in the plug-in passenger cars accounted for 25% of the relative 15% of the proportion of 36% compared to a little lower, the formation of pure electric super plug performance.

16 years a quarter of pure electric passenger car is basically a sedan products, pre-MPVSUV gradually shrinking, the beginning of the second quarter of the JAC IEV6S, Beiqi EX200 SUV began to grow on the amount of the formation of pure electric SUV exploration. 4-quarter car far stronger than the SUV, which is the impact of new energy vehicles, battery products to slow down the upgrade.

16-year plug-in hybrid models of diversification, SUV and other strong performance, in December last year, BYD to join the hybrid, SUV is the trend of mixed. 16 years a quarter of Tang's strong performance, but the beginning of the SAIC passenger car's new push driven sedan to resume the dominant position. With the network about the governance of the car, 10-12 month mix and mix the overall downturn, Chery Ai Ruize sales growth is better, the car temporarily resumed mixed dominant.

New energy vehicles sales level changes


15 years of pure electric vehicles in the A00-class cars accounted for 64%, and A0-class electric vehicles to become the absolute main force, the combination of these two types of economic electric cars become the main force. But the 16-year January-December A-class electric car outbreak increased to 37% of pure electric share, which is Changan, Geely and other BYD electric incremental product transformation reasons, but also A0-class electric vehicle temporary adjustment of the impact. 12 months of mini-electric vehicle recovery, small electric vehicles were attacked from top to bottom the trend of a slight expression.

Plug-in hybrid mainly A-class car-based, BYD Qin, Roewe 550 is the absolute main. And to BMW 5 series as the representative of the joint venture brand of high-end plug-in hybrid performance is also very good. A-level plug-in December sales growth continued to grow, the purchase of the city is still the main contribution of plug mixed.

New energy vehicles segment changes


The current pure electric A00-class cars to become the absolute main vehicle models, the growth of outstanding performance, while the A-class electric vehicle performance is also strong. A-class policy of electric vehicles better protection, so there is no similar economic policy impact of electric vehicle fluctuations in the characteristics, but the A00-class potential is enormous.

Second, in December the main vehicle sales of new energy vehicles strong performance

December new energy vehicle sales trend of the main manufacturers


New energy vehicle market trend is strong, the recent energy-saving and new energy vehicles to develop technical road map to strengthen the mixed development ideas, proposed hybrid sales to go beyond the traditional new energy vehicles, which is worthy of attention policy changes. We are also mixed manufacturers to consider. 16 years of new energy vehicles are mainly private enterprises super performance, Zotye, Geely, BYD's super performance. While the trend of new energy and JAC Beiqi relatively stable.

New energy vehicles in December the main vehicle sales growth was stable


16-year high electric car sales is the Shenbao D50 electric, electric Beijing Electric E line, known beans D1, BYD e5, BYD Qin EV, JAC IEV and so on.

December chain strength in November of the electric car is mainly micro-electric vehicles, while the Beijing market demand models slowed. For example, the SAIC Dabao D50, BYD e5, BYD's Qin EV and other A-level electric vehicle is not strong.

December strong sales of electric vehicle manufacturers is the Thai public, BYD, Geely, etc., are more than 6,000. Especially in the market consolidation period of the Beijing market is particularly important, Beiqi new energy performance super

Plug-in hybrid models in December chain performance was stable, because the BYD Qin and Guangzhou Chuanqi, Volvo S60 and other major models in the purchase of the city's strong performance, but the regional market factors affect the larger production and sales, the relatively high Tang slow. Plug the main models of Roewe series to maintain the level of more than 2,000 units, the recent Roewe E950's performance is super. Shanghai mixed market advantage is still more obvious, Guangzhou and Shenzhen market, the current performance of new energy in general.

New energy vehicles manufacturers input


New energy vehicles in the distribution of the major groups is relatively uneven, the overall look at the Thai public in December is relatively prominent, BYD overall strong, and Geely 5-7 months to resume sales of the main force in December, auspicious high-end strong.

16 years of state-owned enterprises in the Beiqi, Changan, JAC, Chery, SAIC and other electric vehicles in the share of stable and upgrade, but with the incremental slowdown in electric vehicles, electric market structure gradually change.

Plug-in hybrid of SAIC's share in 16 years of continuous improvement, BYD's absolute monopoly share gradually narrowed. But in December the sharp increase in sales of Chery, BYD Shenzhen advantage is still very good.