300Wh / Kg Of Advanced Battery Technology

- Mar 09, 2017-

Recently, China's lithium industry summit held in Guangzhou. More than 400 industry experts, business representatives gathered together to discuss the development of lithium and new energy automotive industry.

At the summit, Jiangsu Taixing new energy chairman Dr. Ma Xin published "300wh / kg power battery advanced materials technology analysis," the keynote speech. Dr. Ma Xin is a representative of the Chinese outstanding scientists from the United States, the speech, Dr. Ma introduced the new energy in the core products and technologies, analysis of the next few years the trend of lithium development, sharing their own high-energy battery than the important technology Challenges and graphene and other hot topics.

300Wh / kg of advanced battery technology

2016 - 2018 lithium battery development forecast

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, power batteries in the lithium market share is growing. According to Dr. Ma Xin introduced, with the development of new energy vehicles, the future power battery and battery storage battery will be higher and higher, by 2020, power batteries will account for about 63%, energy storage batteries will reach 17% The

Ma Xin on the development trend of domestic lithium was predicted, Dr. Ma believes that the future growth rate of power battery will reach 70%, the new energy vehicles will be the main growth point of passenger cars and logistics vehicles and other fields. With the lifting of the three yuan battery, in recent months, the voice of the three yuan battery is getting higher and higher, Dr. Ma Xin that is expected in 2018 is expected to exceed the lithium battery lithium battery, and he also said, With the rapid expansion of production capacity, low-end batteries quickly face excess, into the industry Red Sea.

Negative pole is the future direction of high energy than battery breakthrough

In the country's strong support in recent years, China's lithium and new energy vehicles in the production capacity has made a huge leap, but less breakthrough in the core technology. Under the high pressure of production capacity, to improve the energy density is the inevitable choice of the industry, which, many people will focus on ternary and lithium iron phosphate and other cathode materials. Ma Xin that do high than the battery, positive and negative materials, electrolytes, diaphragms, new battery technology are very important, but the cathode material has encountered a bottleneck, it is difficult to qualitative leap, but there are many positive materials to enhance the anode Space, he judged that after 10 years may be used on non-lithium-ion battery system lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium air batteries, but taking into account the silicon-based lithium battery will be a huge cost advantage, the vast majority of 20 years of universal application is still Use a silicon-based negative battery.

Silicon-based negative battery is the focus of attention in the past two years, lithium battery data learned that the silicon-based battery has been around the world need to solve the problem, especially the high-capacity 1000mah / g order of silicon-based negative , In the past can not be in the industrial high current charge and discharge cycle, the stable cycle of more than 1000 times, Dr. Ma Xin founded the new energy recently made a breakthrough, the basic solution to the stability of the high-capacity silicon-based negative mass production, Base negative leader, at the meeting, Ma Xin introduced to the current new energy silicon anode material with an annual output of 30,000 tons, can be done to the contract partners in a timely manner stable supply, Baotuibaohuan, to provide baseline battery solution Program, package partners to make qualified high specific energy batteries, has made third-party detection by 300wh / kg or more stable production of high specific energy battery, can support electric vehicles a charging mileage from 200 to 300 km to 700 to 1000 km.

Graphene and other wrong battery concepts and speculation

Finally, Ma Xin for graphene, olefins, lithium air batteries and other industries and other hot topics published views. Currently on the market hot fried graphene battery, there are rumors, "graphene battery 3 seconds can be fully charged, charge a power run 1000 km, graphene coated with a very positive lithium iron phosphate, coated ternary, improved graphene positive; Negative pole can replace the replacement of silicon, "Ma Xin think these statements are completely wrong.

He explained that graphene does not have lithium embedded and de-embedded, graphene coated lithium iron phosphate, can only slightly improve the charging performance, as carbon nanotubes; and graphene coated ternary material cathode, is wrong, Performance decline; graphene coated graphite anode, is already mature, the Japanese company has been doing the MCMB has been very mature, but the capacity has reached the limit. Graphite anode capacity limit of 370, and silicon 4200, and we have done more than 2000 mah / g difference is very far, and silicon-based negative cost advantage is more and more obvious, is to use silicon instead of graphite and graphene Rather than in turn.

For the recent hot lithium battery Dr. Ma Xin also expressed their views, Ma Xin said that in the United States and China, there are also the noise of the lithium battery, said the high-energy battery program, but this formulation is wrong. Lithium air battery energy efficiency is low, poor stability, IBM as a company did not engage in battery-led, from the practical difference is very far, they also know that lithium empty instability, but also made lithium air battery, more immature, Poor, explosive; pure lithium cathode is also far from maturity, cycle and security is poor; the only mature is our silicon anode and silicon + next generation of negative.