A New Journey To Discuss The Arrival Of Moura Batteries In Brazil To OptimumNano

- Apr 02, 2018-

A new journey to discuss the arrival of Moura Batteries in Brazil to OptimumNano


On March 31, 2018, the visiting delegation of Brazil's lead-acid battery giant Moura Batteries visited OptimumNano. The company's senior leaders led the technical team to receive a warm reception. The two sides conducted exchanges on new energy power battery technology, and established a friendly cooperation mechanism between both parties to achieve a win-win situation for in-depth negotiations.


The Moura delegation visited Wattmar Digital Exhibition Hall, Battery Research Institute, Big Data Monitoring Center and Wisdom Workshop. During the visit, the technicians of the technical research and development center gave a detailed introduction to Wattmar power battery technology, and stated that OptimumNano is one of the new energy automotive power battery companies that have taken the lead in large-scale production and batch application. Groups, battery recycling, equipment automation, and powertrains have unique technological advantages. Currently, they have been widely used in new energy pure electric vehicles, automotive start-up power supplies, mobile communication base stations, wind photovoltaic power generation, and power grid energy storage.

After the visit, the delegation expressed its great affirmation on the extensive R&D strength, advanced product technology and power battery applications of OptimumNano. At the following forum, representatives of the delegation said that since its establishment, Moura has been adhering to the development philosophy of internal lean manufacturing, opening up and cooperation, and deep development of strong alliances and mutual benefits. In recent years, China's power battery research and development technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. As a leader in China's power battery industry,OptimumNano has high-precision technical strength, strong resource integration capabilities, and innovative development concepts. This is what Moura has been seeking. Partner. It is hoped that the two parties can cooperate to replace the lead-acid battery with lithium iron phosphate battery produced by OptimumNano in the automotive start-up power supply, and to unite and share the market in the areas of energy storage systems, forklifts and other low-speed vehicles.

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Founded in 1957, Moura Batteries is the largest lead-acid battery manufacturer in Brazil and the largest supplier of automotive products in South America. Its products are mainly used in ships, automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and forklifts. The deep talks between the two parties are the beginning of the intention of Waterma and Brazil to achieve the “China-Foreign Alliance”. This is the beginning of deepening cross-regional cooperation and exploring common development. It is also under the “One Belt and One Road” framework to promote China’s manufacturing global purchase. !