A PACK Integrated Engineer In The Eyes Of The Shanghai Auto Show

- May 06, 2017-

Near the Shanghai National Expo Center held a two-year auto show, and now I will lead you to showcase, including BMW, Volkswagen, Cadillac, BYD and other new energy vehicles, in the PACK and the battery, what are the characteristics of it The

A PACK integrated engineer in the eyes of the Shanghai auto show

BMW i3

I3 is a real sense of the BMW production of a pure electric vehicle. For the i3 before the upgrade in 2016, the mileage is 81 miles / 130 km (33 miles / 114 km), the total battery pack is 22kWh, the capacity is 60Ah, the total voltage is 353V; the total weight of the battery pack is about 235kg.

BMW i3 batteries used in the square aluminum shell NCM, provided by the Samsung SDI, rated voltage 3.7V. I3 battery pack consists of eight modules, each module has 12 batteries, a total of 96 batteries, using a series of ways.

A PACK integrated engineer in the eyes of the Shanghai auto show

BMW i3 battery module process is roughly: batteries on the material, plasma cleaning, coating, stacking, side plate welding, insulation testing, Busbar welding, EOL test and so on. Today, many domestic hard shell automatic production lines are modeled on the original design of foreign BMW automated production lines and Lai Si (now KUKA) to ATL design to provide automatic production lines.

In fact, many of the automotive technology is the need to verify the time, the new energy battery production in the car on the production of many years, the process parameters for the use of durability is a constant accumulation of the process, such as between the batteries Components, module shell welding methods, BUSBAR welding parameters, etc. will have an impact on the product.

Many of the improvements and solutions are in need of experience bit by bit to explore out, which is a lot of demand for production line customers have a mature case of the reasons for the past.