Achieved Two Cooperations Between Japan And Brazil In Succession OptimumNano Accelerated The Development Of Overseas Energy Storage Market

- May 10, 2018-

In the near future,OptimumNano has a very high horsepower in the energy storage market. Since the beginning of this year, following the strategic cooperation with China Tower, Zhongshan Greenbo and Xi'an Zhongshang in the field of energy storage, on May 9 and 10, OptimumNano signed strategic cooperation agreements with Japan's CONNEXX SYSTEMS and Brazil's ELECTRO CELL, respectively. , accelerate the expansion of overseas energy storage market.

On the morning of May 10, OptimumNano signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Brazil's ELECTRO CELL. The two companies will jointly promote the OptimumNano 1MWH energy storage power station, home energy storage system and lithium iron phosphate battery packs for electric forklifts in the Brazilian market. At the strategic cooperation ceremony, the two parties also signed a procurement contract for 2018, which led to the installation of two 500KWH and one 250KWH energy storage power plant demonstration projects in Brazil.


OptimumNano reached a strategic cooperation with ELECTROCELL

It is understood that Brazil's ELECTRO CELL is part of Brazil's IPA Group. The group was established in 1950. Its business scope covers infrastructure, oil, natural gas, auto parts, and new technology research and development. Its annual turnover is US$800 million. ELECTRO CELL is a global leader in fuel cell technology and has won numerous awards. It has its own independent R&D laboratory at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Latin America is the most promising energy storage market. Chile, Mexico, and Brazil are all seen as hot spots for the development of renewable energy and energy storage. The strategic cooperation with OptimumNano in the field of energy storage is another new area for the diversification of ELECTRO CELL, which will help it seize the Brazilian energy storage market.

As one of the earliest companies to research and develop new energy vehicle power batteries in China, and one of the first companies to achieve scale and batch applications, OptimumNano has been deeply plowed for more than ten years in the field of power batteries, and has accumulated rich technology, with products covering transportation, energy storage, and communications. Base stations, startup power supplies and other fields.

OptimumNano's strong R&D strength, advanced product technology and extensive market applications have won unanimous recognition from customers at home and abroad. Just the day before, on the afternoon of May 9,OptimumNano and Japan's CONNEXX SYSTEMS also reached a strategic cooperation in the field of energy storage. According to the agreement, the two sides jointly developed and designed a 10KWH home energy storage system in Japan and the Chinese market. In the early stage, they are expected to promote 10,000 units in the Japanese market. At the same time, the two parties have also reached a 12V start-up power supply, 48V micro hybrid start-stop battery, and a mobile complement vehicle in the automotive field. Intention to cooperate.


OptimumNano and CONNEXX SYSTEMS strategic cooperation signing ceremony

According to the data, Japan's CONNEXX SYSTEMS Corporation is Japan's top battery technology expert Mr. Sakamoto founded the R&D type technology company in 2011, focusing on the research and development of battery system, battery material technology, and next-generation battery technology. It is the Japanese battery field. The highest-profile high-tech start-ups were selected in November 2017 by Japan Economic News, the most authoritative economic media in Japan, as one of the 108 NEXT Unicorns in Japan. The company's lead-lithium binding technology, super-lithium batteries, and solid-state fuel cell technologies are in line with China's industrial policies and have a huge market space in China.

Mr. Sakamoto, CEO of CONNEXX SYSTEMS, stated that in order to expand the market for new energy applications, CONNEXX SYSTEMS has been seeking excellent partners in the international market in recent years. The cooperation with Wattema, a leading battery company in China, will accelerate the company's development of China's energy storage market, through the joint development of energy storage products and the strengthening of technical exchanges between the two parties, which will help to upgrade and optimize their respective battery technologies and collide with new technology sparks. .

In the field of energy storage, OptimumNano has a strong first-mover advantage and market foundation. At present, it has successfully established four energy storage application systems for energy storage power station systems, mobile energy storage systems, home energy storage systems, and operation monitoring systems. Energy storage technology innovation, the first to establish a storage energy research institute, with the accumulation of technology to build energy storage power station. Energy storage products cover more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States, Western Europe, Australia, India and South Korea.

“Before Waltmar’s overseas energy storage products mainly focused on sales, the two strategic cooperation agreements reached were all-round cooperation, and they are an exclusive cooperation in the field of energy storage applications. It is energy storage for OptimumNano. The strategic upgrade in market development is an important step for Waltmar’s internationalization strategy,” said Wattmar’s senior management.

According to foreign media reports, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) released 2017 “Storage Energy Development Trends and Opportunities in Emerging Markets”. According to the report, in the next five years, energy storage will develop rapidly in emerging markets with a growth rate of 40%, from the current 2GW to 80GW. The strategic cooperation between Wattmar and the two companies in Japan and Brazil, while consolidating their respective technologies and market position, along with the deepening of the cooperation between the two parties, will help promote both sides to seize the global energy storage market share.