Analysis Of 55 New Energy Special Purpose Vehicle Products

- Feb 16, 2017-

February 14, the Ministry of Industry issued a declaration "road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements" (293 batch) of new vehicle publicity. After the statistics, the first 293 new car publicity a total of 218 new energy vehicles (including chassis) to declare.

Among them, the new energy passenger car products 23 (pure electric passenger cars 20, plug-in hybrid sedan 3), new energy bus (including hybrid) products 140 (pure electric bus 111, plug-in Hybrid and hybrid bus 29), the new energy vehicles 55 models (pure electric car products 53, fuel cell products 2). Reporters on which 55 new energy special vehicle products for further analysis. (Note: Because some of the vehicles can be equipped with two companies battery and motor, so the sum of the following chart and the sum of the models is inconsistent. Please see the details of the summary table below.

New energy logistics vehicles accounted for 60% no sanitation vehicles products

According to the reporter finishing, 55 new energy special vehicle products in the logistics car has 33 (pure electric logistics car has 32, fuel cell truck 1), accounting for 60%; chassis products have 19 (pure electric vehicle chassis 18 Section, fuel cell car chassis 1) accounted for 35%; other special vehicles 3, accounting for 5%.

Reporters found that the declaration of new energy vehicles in the product without sanitation vehicles and refrigerated trucks, new products, no sanitation vehicles or with the recently released "pure electric city sanitation vehicle technical conditions" related to the car enterprises in the product safety requirements , Dynamic performance, low temperature starting performance, power battery, signs and information display, monitoring system performance requirements, special equipment and other aspects of improvement, so the new product reporting process slowed down.

55 new energy special vehicle products Hubei new Chu wind nearly half

55 new energy vehicles from 10 car prices, respectively, Hubei new Chu wind, Dongfeng Motor, Geely Sichuan commercial vehicles, Jinhua youth car, Beiqi silver Xiang, Chengdu Universiade, Chongqing Ruichi, Xiamen Jinlong, Jiangxi Changhe and Dayun Motor. Among them, Hubei new Chu wind declaration of the largest number of new products, there are 23; followed by Dongfeng Motor, declared 8 products; Geely Sichuan commercial vehicles have 5. See below for details. Ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate comparable to the technical route diversification

Reporters finishing found that there are 20 new energy special vehicle products are not marked with detailed battery type, and from the known information can be seen, the new energy vehicle product battery technology line to lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium-based, and Showing a variety of characteristics. From the new car publicity point of view, the three yuan in the new energy vehicles on the application of the car will become mainstream can not easily conclusions.

55 new energy special vehicle products supporting battery business analysis

According to the reporter statistics, 55 new energy special vehicle products from 12 battery companies, respectively, the country Xuan Hi-Tech, Tianjin force God, Nantong 100 should be, Miaosheng power, Tianpeng power, Henan new Taihang, Ningde era, camel shares, stars Constant power, Maike new energy, Shenzhen Wattek and Beijing Guoneng.

From the battery matching situation, Beijing Guoneng and Shenzhen Walter Ma most popular, a total of 28 products matching the two batteries, Maike new energy (6), Star constant power (4). See below for details.

55 new energy special vehicle products supporting motor enterprises

55 new energy vehicles for motor products from 16 companies, of which Hunan South Locomotive era ranked first, there are 10 models equipped with the production of the motor; followed by Shenzhen Minfu Woeng, there are 7 products matching them Of the motor products; 5 models equipped with Suzhou Ai Mai electronic motor, and another 8 products of the motor business is unknown See below for details.