Analysis On The Depth Of Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

- Feb 12, 2017-

According to the Ministry of Industry website news, 2016 China's new energy vehicle production 517,000, sales of 507,000, an increase of 51.7% over the previous year and 53.0%. Of which pure electric vehicle production and sales were completed 417,000 and 409,000, respectively, over the same period last year increased by 63.9% and 65.1%.

In fact, with the rapid development of electric vehicle industry, to adjust the whole industry chain structure, ease the pressure of environmental protection, to achieve healthy and sustainable socio-economic development, has a very important significance.

However, the lack of charging pile has become a real problem of the rapid development of China's electric vehicle industry. The lack of infrastructure coupled with the rapid increase in new demand, but also makes the charging pile may become the electric car industry chain in the most certainty of a "cake." National Energy Bureau for the first time in 2017 new charging pile target 800,000, of which 700,000 special pile, 100,000 public piles.


February 24, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting, issued five important measures continue to force the new energy automotive industry. Through the supervision and improvement of financial subsidies and other policies to promote the development of related industries to encourage capital into the pile construction and operation. According to the National Development and Reform Commission planning documents, by 2020, China will add more than 12 million centralized recharge station, decentralized charging pile more than 4.8 million to meet the national 5 million electric vehicle charging needs.

However, as of the end of 2016, the domestic built only 150,000 public electric vehicle charging pile, a huge difference on the one hand that the development of new energy vehicles and charging pile configuration is not in place; the other hand, the market also shows great opportunities. It is estimated that this will be a 100 billion yuan level of the market.

A wave of enterprises flocked to, of which there are power supply enterprises and power equipment manufacturers, there are Internet spoils, there are car manufacturers, and so forth. Some of them in the production, sale, construction of the pile, and some build platform, the use of APP for the owner to provide finding, navigation, booking and payment and other functions, and some both.

But no matter how the industry restless, the market is cruel, and only adhere to the scientific and correct business model is the development of the electric car industry, and innovative business model is so that the industry is eagerly hope.

"2015 social capital crazy to enter, we feel that the pile is a business, that this may be a new user portal, high frequency, just need, the user base is large, we think this is an excellent user scene, but objectively speaking, all Investment charge facilities operators really profitable? "Power Network CEO Wang Zhenfei once issued to the media such a voice.

The real situation is that the charge operators generally lose money.

The cost of building a charging pile (including cable and land use) is above $ 10,000, which is only a one-time investment. The main cost of the operator is the management and maintenance after the construction of the pile, in view of the existing charging pile utilization is relatively low, the charging service fee for the operator for a drop in the bucket, so the loss of the industry as a "normal".

China Putian Information Industry Co., Ltd. Vice President, general manager of Putian New Energy Co., Ltd. Cao Hongbin reminded: "a new industry, just to see the dawn of the time most likely to be down, disorderly competition for the entire charging facilities operating industry Is a fatal blow. "