Application Of OptimumNano Battery Technology Diversification Open Storage In New Era

- Oct 17, 2017-

The day before, the national five ministries jointly issued "guidance" on the promotion of energy storage technology and industry development, for the first time defined the strategic positioning of energy in China's energy industry, put forward the next 10 years China's energy storage technology and industry development goals.微信图片_20171017150740.jpg

In the energy industry officially ushered in the development period of gold before waltmal has long been a rainy day, successfully established energy storage power station system, mobile storage system, storage system, family operation monitoring system of four energy storage technology innovation can lead the application system. Established energy storage Research Institute, established energy storage power station with technology accumulation. Waltmal Bess to waltmal battery research and development technology, with high overall efficiency, long battery life, battery control can be centralized, parallel bus information acquisition system automatically cut off the high voltage output, single battery, perfect insulation detection system, battery box two insulation, automatic adjustment of PCS power and 8 major advantages.

Waterma 1MWh micro grid mobile energy storage system

In 2011, waltmal 3MWh energy storage project, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau Committee approval and the Commission by letter of support; in 2016, together with partners to build 36 sets of 1MWh smart micro grid mobile storage system. In addition, optimum energy development and cooperation with the national grid system, Chinese electric power construction, Beijing Institute of Technology and other institutions in military goods and UPS FM and North Peak and 863 peak, project and other projects. It is worth mentioning that in March 7th this year, with Hebei waltmal Junan Electric Power Engineering Co. Ltd. signed a smooth "2017 year strategic cooperation agreement", to develop energy storage market.

In addition, in waltmal battery recycling has also ramped up, leading technology, mode of power battery recycling, the layout of recycling system, realize Xinyuan automobile industry ecological closed-loop operation mode. At present, waltmal battery recycling project has been started, the recovery of network construction based on reverse logistics, form a complete battery recycling industry chain vehicle, joint waltmal innovation alliance raw material production enterprises.