Armed Forces Cloth New Energy Vehicles Joint Venture Car Xu Li Counterattack

- Feb 22, 2017-

Can be expected when the government subsidy fade out, that is, foreign investment and joint venture brands to occupy China's new energy vehicle market day. This is the Chinese electric car Hundred People will be chairman Chen Qingtai not long ago view.

Armed forces cloth new energy vehicles joint venture car Xu Li counterattack

China's auto market in the long-term dominate the joint venture car prices in the field of new energy vehicles seem a bit "after the feeling", however, nearly a couple of years, joint venture enterprises in this area have to catch up with the momentum of independent car prices. For the joint venture car prices menacing, the reporter carefully combed a number of car prices of new energy vehicle planning, noted that the mainstream joint venture car prices have developed a complete new energy vehicle strategy. Coincidentally, the joint venture capital of the current new energy vehicle planning nodes are also concentrated in 2020, that is, when the new energy vehicle subsidies completely out, the joint venture car new energy models will flock to.

■ encounter "wolf"

"FAW - Volkswagen production Volkswagen brand all models will launch a new energy version.Currently in the sale of 6 models, are expected to launch plug-in hybrid or pure electric version." FAW - Volkswagen director, general manager Zhang Pijie this Words, enough to see FAW - Volkswagen attention to the field of new energy vehicles. From 2017 onwards, FAW - Volkswagen in the field of new energy vehicles will have a series of product plans, the first hybrid models will also be launched.

Volkswagen family of SAIC public to be outdone, 2016 early, the next five years plans to invest about 15 billion yuan, the development of Skoda brand new energy vehicles, including the main development by the SAIC CUV (cross-border travel vehicles), including a variety of SUV models and other models.

SAIC GM developed a 2016-2020 "green future" strategy five years plan. Five years is expected to launch more than 10 new energy vehicles new, and more than 10 new energy vehicles will cover a variety of new energy models. December 2016 Cadillac CT6 plugged mixed version of the market, the first quarter of 2017 will also launch a range of electric vehicles.

Japanese brands of Toyota Toyota adhere to the hybrid models on the root and force; in addition to Corolla Shuanguan, FAW Toyota also plans to 2020 before the 17 new energy vehicles on the market. Different from the Guangzhou Toyota's insistence, FAW Toyota in the plug-in hybrid and pure electric field are layout, and pure electric car plan through the joint venture brand launched its own.

In addition, the mainstream joint venture brands can be described as in the field of new energy vehicles blossom, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, Changan Ford are outdone, and there have been new energy vehicles have entered the market.

Insiders said that as a result of joint venture car patent technology and intellectual property investment are concentrated in the traditional engine and transmission field, in the absence of real life before the car can not do as much as possible. But with the fuel limit approaching and the new energy automotive market warming, joint ventures are bound to attack the field of new energy vehicles.

■ "preference" mixed models

And independent brands have invested in pure electric or plug-in hybrid cars, the same choice of joint venture car prices and purely go hand in hand, but from the overall planning point of view, joint venture car prices are more focused on hybrid models.

Japanese car prices are the advocates of hybrid models, and in which one, Toyota is the development of mixed models of the most firm. Recently, Toyota announced that its global hybrid car sales of 10 million. Similarly, as a domestic joint venture, FAW Toyota, Guangzhou Toyota Toyota is also implementing the global strategy of Toyota. FAW Toyota Toyota Toyota's hybrid electric hybrid technology to the local production. In 2016, Corolla Shuanghuang new production line in Tianjin TEDA factory construction, design capacity of 200,000; Guangzhou Toyota Toyota in the field of new energy vehicles launched the Ralink dual-engine and Camry dual-engine two models, both models are equipped with oil Hybrid system, from the future planning to see, Guangzhou Toyota Toyota will continue to force in the hybrid models.

Not only Japanese car prices, SAIC GM, Changan Ford also focus on hybrid models. Changan Ford to plug-in hybrid and hybrid technology-based, New Mondeo hybrid version and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid version has also been launched; Shanghai GM also focused on the development of hybrid models, and before 2020 Plans to launch a domestic hybrid each year, covering from weak to strong mixing, non-plug-in to plug-in type of new energy products.

The Volkswagen Department of the two joint venture car prices do not seem so "conservative", FAW - Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen have chosen pure and mixed go hand in hand. At present, Sichuan has been identified as FAW - Volkswagen new energy vehicles, one of the most important vehicle manufacturing base, the future will launch a series of plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles; SAIC Volkswagen will also achieve plug-in hybrid and pure electric The localization of the car production.

Why joint venture car "preference" hybrid models? Some experts believe that the transition from the traditional power to the new energy power in the process, from the technical point of view, the hybrid than the pure electric technology more advantages, and the same energy-saving environmental protection important technology. In addition, pure electric vehicle promotion process in the high cost of supporting infrastructure can not keep up with the shortcomings, but also to pure electric vehicles short-term difficult to large-scale development, and these drawbacks in the face of hybrid is not so obvious.

■ joint venture car "prepared" from

Joint venture car enterprises in the new energy vehicles before the marketing is not too focused, but the two years but it will be an important strategic position, and developed a clear plan, can be described as "prepared" from.

To FAW - Volkswagen, for example, in order to promote the 2025 strategy, FAW - Volkswagen will launch a new electric vehicle modular MEB platform, the platform dedicated to new energy models, can provide 250 to 500 km driving range of diversified models. In 2016 Volkswagen has launched the MEB platform, Volkswagen Group (China) President and CEO Heizman said, MEB platform for 2020 to 2021 into China, and at the same time into FAW and SAIC; Japanese cars, especially Toyota's oil Hybrid technology has been more mature, and in the global market has achieved some success; Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President He Zhaobing also confidently said that Ford's new energy vehicles in the technical reserves are perfect, Changan Ford in the new energy vehicles Did not go a little slower.

And the corresponding technical reserves is that most of the joint venture car financial strength. SAIC GM General Manager Wang Yongqing 2016 had made five years in the efficient powertrain and new energy technology invested 26.5 billion yuan.

With the rapid development of China's new energy vehicles, with strong capital, mature technology, joint ventures are bound to attack the field of new energy vehicles, which is China's own brand in the field of new energy vehicles can successfully "corner overtaking" a big test The However, China's electric car will perform 100 vice president Ouyang Minggao said that China's new energy vehicles are more suitable for pure electric routes, the development of pure electric can be said to be "corner overtaking" the only chance.